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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Water Birds and a Call for Help~

 Happy weekend to everyone who may view this post.
It is difficult for me to complain and I hate to, as I am really a very happy person.
Google is really an awesome program and it is also challenging for me, especially.  
I do not understand the whole group concept, I do not understand why messages and comments have to be in 3 separate tabs, and not together...I use Facebook for my social media and cannot take more time on Google to touch base with others as well, though I would love that.  
Groups, circles, what does all of that mean, exactly?
Trying to make my way through this seems futile at times, for I no longer even recognize my behind the scenes action of my blog, and yet I long so much to understand how this all works.  
A couple of blogs on here now, I and cannot even reply, or comment on their posts any longer and have not been able to find out why with Google help.  
One of our blogging friends said to me.

"I think that the search engine that one is using is independent of any access problems regarding messages. Having said that, there have been problems of late voiced from many bloggers! "

Is there no real person to contact, or chat with using Google? 
I apologize, however, this is just frustrating for me, and I want it to be made easier, so that my blogging experience can be enjoyable once again.  
Everyone else seems to have come through the changes beautifully, but I still get error notices like crazy and I am so afraid to change anything, as it may make it all just go bye bye. 
All of my images still have to be uploaded in the most primitive fashion and I have no solutions that will make it all work once again. 
If someone in USA, wants to ring me up and give me a quick tutorial, that would sure be awesome... inbox message me and we can make arrangements for call.
Take a deep breath, whew ;)
About my bird ID's...
There may be more, or less of what I have shown on my labeling for this post. 
Lots of birds very new to me this past season~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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  1. Hi Mary. Your photos are so beautiful! You're seeing many wonderful birds. I understand completely your frustrations with Blogger. They just need to fine-tune some things, and quit messing with others! I'll be of no help I'm afraid. I completely avoid Google Plus. It frightens me. I have enough to deal with just to get my reading list to appear on regular Google. I always have to click on "Go To Your Reading List" over and over, before it will finally show up. Most of the time when I click on it, it says "You are currently NOT FOLLOWING any blogs." Really?? I'm following quite a few. I feel your pain.

  2. Poor Mary, I also am quite aghast at google for those nonsensical boxes they insist you filling out with name, sex and birth date if you want to leave a comment and there is no way to contact the blog owner and let them know you have not deserted them.
    Meanwhile, I love all your ducks and have been working in my garden as much as I can. Weeding, preparing soil and planting and falling into bed dog tired but solo happy.
    Lots of hugs and love . . . A.

  3. Brilliant work on the water birds, fantastic photos. My favourite is the Shoveler, great.

  4. Dear Mary, Are you creating your posts with Google Chrome. If not, give it a try. It seems to eliminate many problems.
    I love your Mallard Ducks, they are so colorful. Have a wonderful weekend. ox, Gina

  5. wow! you're getting lots of waterfowl! love the mallards in flight shots. goldeneyes - i'd love to see them some day.

    as for your frustration with google, i believe you're referring to google+. i have an account but don't use it, really, and i've not linked my blog profile to it, either, and continue to use the blogger profile. sorry for your frustration! hope someone can help.

  6. Hello Mary, I love this post with all the gorgeous ducks.. Awesome photos... I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and do not have any problems.. I am sorry I can not help you. I am sure someone will come along with an answer to your problems.

    Have a happy Sunday and week ahead!

  7. Beautiful shots- I had to wait for all the pics to load, but it was worth the wait. I get so frustrated with Google +..I have it, but just don't use it. I have enough trouble just keeping up with my blog and with facebook. LOL!

  8. Awesome ducks and geese, an exciting time of year.
    I have Google+ but don't use it much, post the odd picture. You can separate and group your friends in circles - family, bloggers etc. Not exactly how this aspect benefits me...

  9. If you find answers to these issues Mary would you please enlighten your followers too!
    I have no idea what these 'groups and circles' are or how they work.
    I am quite open and receptive to change, but I need to understand the whys and wherefores.

    Oh I would love to have been with you when you captured the waterbirds!
    "Birds of a feather - flock together' - I'm sure they were all meeting up after long absences and telling their stories of where they had been and what and who they had seen - an endearing photo story for me!

  10. I absolutely love all your waterfowl shots. Reminds me of my National Geographic Bird book. I too am frustrated with Google+. I want to return comments but there are several that when I click on their name I am sent to Google+ and can't find a way to their blog. I have found that sometimes I can click on their About button and find a listing, but not everyone puts a link there. It is frustrating.

  11. Your mosaics are always so wonderful.

    As to your blog problems, I agree with Tex, it's more than likely Google+. I don't use it.

  12. Great photos of all the ducks and waterfowl. I am another reader that will not use Google+ - I see no reason to sign up for another program I don't want!

  13. Hi Mary. So sorry you are still suffering from the Google Gremlins. Like you I try not to alter anything for fear of losing everything, but I hope that someone close (geographically) to you is able to help hand on.

    Meanwhile, the mixed wildfowl are fantastic and did i see Scaup and Canvasback in there too?

  14. Lovely birds I get see most of over here... superb images

  15. Wonderful birds! I'm on both google+ and facebook, but more often than not I don't use either for days or weeks. I spend way too much time on the computer as it is.

  16. Wow...I especially love all the reflections....beautiful images as always.

  17. Quite a rich assortment of waterfowl! I share your discontent with Google+ and just can't get the hang of it, with circles and whatnot. I unlinked my blog from Google and lost all my comments, which did not pleas me.

  18. Those are amazing waterfowl shots Mary. I guess I have a google plus account but I don't ever post anything to it. Years ago i had to make a Google page because it is very hard to comment on some google blogs unless you have a google ID. I think they automatically made it a google plus. I don't remember doing it.

  19. Boy if you find someone let us all know because I don't know anyone who isn't struggling with Google. I can only post on chrome, but I can only comment if I go through AOL ... go figure. It is a makeshift solution. I have e-mailed google and they said something about emptying my casch or something like that so I found the directions on how to do that and did it, I think and yet nothing changed. So what next. Like you, I expect to get up someday and find that everything is gone, but haven't a clue and don't know anyone else who has a clue. So I limp along with my makeshift solulutions and pray ... That said, I enjoyed all of your water birds. I saw many I recognized and a few I am not sure of ... but they are all beautiful. Thank you again for all of the effort you put into the posts you share with us ... You are awesome.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  20. HI Mary Yes I have had my trails with blogger/google+ but through a mistake of mine I then had to get my computer man to fix things and he eliminated a lot of stuff that gets onto your computer without your knowledge and that sorted out my problems. I don't understand google + and mainly use blogger to comment and follow people. I,personally have my email on my blog so that if people need to contact me about something specifc or they cannot leave a comment any other way, then they have that means of doing so. You shots are all wonderful and the collages are fantastic. All the best with the computer.

  21. Mary...I do not understand it, I do not like it, and I want everyone to return to the Google we started with. I was able to comment without non-eneding frustration. The Google + thing is a Google MINUS thing for me. When the page comes up I immediately think...I’m not gonna be able to find the homepage for the blog and leave my comment. It is heartwarming to hear you and others voicing the same feelings. Love all the pictures of the ducks. They make me smile.

  22. Hi Mary!
    First, you taken a lot of nice photos of all the birds! :)
    Second, I don't use the Google+ either and I don't understand the meaning of it.
    By the way, I use Firefox, much better than the old Explorer, with which I often got problems.
    Hope it will be better here by you.
    Greetings Pia

  23. Dear Mary. I can appreciate your frustrations, I lost both my blogs last year and never ever got a response from Google!.

    Personally I use the Firefox browser rather than IE and have definitely stayed away from switching from Google to Google+. I'm sure this means I am missing following some blogs but while this works I'll leave updating well alone. If I was closer I would certainly attempt to help you.

    Glorious selection of Duck collages.

    Stay well .... cheers FAB.

  24. I would love to live by the water where I could watch all the water birds on a daily basis. You have such a variety in your pictures. I know how the blogger thing can get. Hope you can figure it out. It can be quite frustrating. Had several issues two years ago? Nightmare getting one on one help.


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