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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rain Shadow Country, Lavender Capitol of the USA~

The whole area along the Northeastern rim of Olympic National Park was such a highlight, just amazing beauty, the entire way.

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 The scenes that unfolded, one more beautiful than the next, was ongoing throughout this entire Hoodsport, Washington bay front area~

I shared a single immature Bald Eagle in previous post and it was not alone. 
Less than a mile down the highway, I spotted some large birds perched in a tree. 
Some were preening, others just chilling. 
More juvenile/immature Bald Eagles. 
New ones flew in, as others left to hunt, and soar. 
It was a very busy morning at Hoodsport, and oh was I pleased~

Do you see what I see ;)

A single juvenile Bald Eagle perched on low drift wood, hunting. 
I was so, so close~

Once I got this close, and turned around to smile at the husby who was sitting with dogs in car, I noticed the Private Property sign, but I already had my images and so I left very quietly~

Such beauty everywhere along this shoreline, and then those dreaded red and white CLOSED gates!!!
This was the only glimpse that we got of Hurricane Ridge within the boundaries of Olympic National Park. 
I was beginning to feel a little sad about this time~

We had quite a bit of rain and almost always fog. 
At first I thought this was a Golden Eagle, and then realized later, it was a very soaked Western Red-tailed Hawk~

Living in the Rain Shadow...
The way the mountains and sea meet here in Sequim, it causes a Rain Shadow area, meaning with heavy rains all around, this area gets very little, and that is what it takes for the Lavender to grow.  
Lavender does not like wet feet ;) I was once told, when I tried to grow some.  Lavender...I have worn it for many years, I drink the tea, and use the soaps and lotions.  
I adore Lavender and so for many years, Sequim, Washington was on my radar.  
A small town, a lovely town and yes, I purchased some Lavender products for myself and gifts as well~

Port Angeles, Washington, and where the main entrance gates to Olympic National Park sits.  
For days we had planned to have the husby take a photograph of me at the entrance, but you may not believe this, but very true.  
We never saw the entrance gate, we got on a highway that took us down to these scenes and headed NW and somehow totally missed the gates ;(

There it is the sign that my dreams have held onto for 43 years...the road to the Pacific Northwest Rain Forests and we were not going to get in.  
The lump in my throat that day, was so heavy, words cannot express, yet we went to the gates and we did see beauty.  
That will be shared in coming posts next week~

Being it known that most images are taken from inside the car, there are times, when I get a great shot and also the blue tinted glass at top of windscreen...oops, oh well~

More images of the ride from Olympia, Washington, heading around the NE rim of the Olympic National Park, and making our way to the Pacific NW rim.

A friend of mine who lives in Washington, told us to be sure and check out Lake Crescent, and the trees covered in tree moss~

 How awesome these trees were and the lake was gorgeous~

Once again...we are puzzled...was thinking possibly Hooded Mergansers, but just not certain~


  1. Beautiful scenery, and the raptors, lovely.

  2. beautiful soft light in many of these. and great mossy trees! :)

  3. Fantastic images/collages/photos! What a terrific visit you had. Love those moss-covered trees, the Eagles, all of it!

  4. Wow, I just read this post and the one before it and the photos are so beautiful. What stunning scenery and bird captures. A beautiful trip indeed. I love the scenes along the bay with the reflections too. Have a great day!

  5. Love all your shots and collages, but the shot of the trees reflected in the water is so serene and beautiful. Well done!

  6. Oh my goodness! It is so gorgeous there!

  7. so much to see and enjoy in your post. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. So beautiful -- I love that area. I am sad all over again that the NPs were closed (for such an asininely stupid reason)...but you certainly still did see some amazing scenery; and I am grateful to you for sharing.

  9. Mary, so sorry you didn't get into the rainforest, but you sure got some beautiful shots! Hard to imagine it being prettier.

  10. Wow, what a collection of photos. I've only been to Washington once and I was taken away by the natural beauty.

  11. Lovely scenic shots and collages there Mary. brilliant to see all those Bald Eagles, one after the other. I like the collage from Sequim (what a wonderful name, is it of Red Indian origin?) where the sunlit bench and the flowers vie for attention with the rain clouds. What a terrible shame your visit coincided with the shut down, but never mind you have some lovely pictures and memories.

  12. Hi Mary,

    Gorgeous images, as always! I have never seen moss grow like that on trees! The portraits of the bald eagle are captivating, so still and stern. Lavender is a favourite of so many for its unique scent and I'm sure you came home with a wonderful array of lavender infused specialty products.

    Such a pleasure to read your words and admire your photos. Thanks for sharing!


  13. the moss laden trees are stunning!!! And the lone eagle...well, it casts feeling of melancholy. But all in all, still very beautiful.

  14. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Great work!
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Nice post. I've been in the that part of the world! We had a great day walking on the Hoh Rain Forest and remember all the moss.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  16. The Pacific Northwest is a gorgeous area to visit. Sorry, the National Parks were closed. The HOH rainforest is beautiful. I love the moss covered tree shots and the Hawks are awesome! Another lovely post,Mary.Thanks for sharing your trip!

  17. The Pacific NW is just beautiful country. I've always wanted to go the lavender festival.

  18. Oh, you know I'm excited to see a lavender post and learn more about one of my favorite plants. Love that big old rugged tree and all of the photos you took that are panoramic! Beautiful my friend!

  19. This is pure inspiring beauty and there is so much diversity and wildlife-nearly more than the mind can imagine-this is a post that I shall revisit as it is a look into nature which most of us never have the opportunity to witness-thank you!

  20. My goodness, those are all breathtaking! I love the sweaters on those trees, they're bundled up for winter :)

  21. Thank you for visiting me in Coventry, England. I have so enjoyed your photos here. Beautiful. I'll be back :).

  22. Loved visiting you today. I think my favorite might be the very still water photo ---or the lavender mosaic … but all are photos to slow me down and appreciate the beauty and be thankful ...

  23. Great photos of very beautiful scenery and birds. Sorry you did not get to see Hurricane Ridge because of the park closures - that is one place I have seen but more than 40 years ago!

  24. My mouth waters as I saunter through your pictures ... such beauty and it seems so peaceful and safe. I truly hope it is. Your gift of being able to see beauty where others selfdom look makes this weekly visit a much looked forward to adventure. I admire your choices and am in awe both of your captures and your presentation. You are someone I can learn from just by watching ... another wonderful visit, Mary ... Thank you:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  25. Just as wonderful as the previous post. I love the eagles and the moss on the trees.

  26. How beautiful! I love the hawk on the wire and the moss covered trees!

  27. So sorry I have missed such a number of your great posts Mary. My feed stopped popping you up when you were posting only once a month. I had to call you up manually and hope it works again. Such a lot of wonders you saw on your journey, so much beauty to take in.
    As you know, in August my husband died and in the following month or two I have had my head down coping with the funeral and executive duties of his will. At the end of next week the whole family strewn around the country will fly in to strew his ashes in the park he planted around the dam he had dug for that very purpose. Both his parent's ashes are there too. I am up to my eyeballs creating 14 extra sleeping spaces and co-ordinating food for 20 for a number of days.
    Apart from that, all I want to do is sleep for a few weeks day and night. I'll get back on track again one of these days. Hugs . . . Arija

  28. hi. love the Eagle shots and loved the moss on the trees


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