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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leaving Washington and Heading Into Idaho and Montana~

I don't know about my visitors to my blog, but I am running out of steam on this long journey we that took last month.
In over 2,500 images taken, I created over 250 mosaics to share on here.
I had enough to share for the next 4 weeks, but edited a bunch the other day and downsized them to this week and next week, with 2 individual post presentations each week.
I think that you will enjoy the post that follows this one as well...
Missed Step into Canada...ha ha, you will see what I mean, when you arrive there.
I so very much appreciate your stopping by each week... it is like having guests in our home and the only thing missing is seeing your kind faces and hearing your voices...
that is left to the imagination.
Living in KY, what kind of voice do you think I may may be surprised ;)
After viewing this post, there is another one entered that connects directly to this one, so please be sure to stop by and scroll down through that one as is worth the sharing.
Next week, the last 2 entries for this year's journey.

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared

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Glaucous Gull at Ocean Shores in Washington, and my pup-cub Silveit~ 

Sunrise in Washington state and my Long Coat German Shepherds Meaka 5 on your left and  9 month old Silveit on your right~ 

Most may already know, but the majority of these images were taken through glass from a fast moving car...
yet very pleased as to how they turned out~

 Fog met us at every turn in Washington, and it lasted hours and hours. 
Would you believe that not once, but twice in 6 days we drove right by Mt. Rainier and I never even saw was that foggy...another huge sigh!

Western Red-tailed Hawk soaring~

I thought this image on left was too sweet 2  Common Ravens and a single Magpie, and I adore sheep in meadows always~


Sun coming up, showing it's morning light dance~ 

A Western Red-tailed Hawk hunting as the sun comes up. 
This was early for it...must have missed an evening meal~
This was taken before we left Ocean Shores, WA~

Somewhere between Idaho and Montana, we came upon a lake on a very cloudy day. 
I am guessing that this is a Red-necked Grebe, but will most assuredly accept correction, if I am wrong~

On the same body of water, with no name that we could find, were some American Coots as well~


Oh My, I had never seen this before...these Elk were on land, and enclosed in fencing and not roaming sad this was...bummers for them~ 
A Western Red-tailed Hawk peeking around, trying to see what I am up to.
The husby had pulled off into a scenic stop, so I could get a few nice snaps~ 

 A rancher was out talking to his cattle one afternoon. 
Does someone know what that thing is in his hand? 
He kept moving it back and forth and the cattle seemed to be interested.

Some Montana beauty showing up on the Northwestern section of the state~


I wanted to just bring this little one home with us. 
Between our pup-cub and this little one, they were keen to be playful with one another~



  1. beautiful misty shore scenes. your pups are beauties, too. loved the longhorns and the golden light in many of these.

  2. Oh, is quite humbling to come to your beautiful blog and to be greeted by such miracles of nature, wildlife and sunsets, and to think that some of these were taken behind the window of a car in motion, well, it just makes it all so very extraordinary! I am particularly in awe of the images featuring the fog, especially the one of the boaters/fishermen!! I enlarged it and got lost in its intrigue and mystery! Also, as I adore landscape/flowers images, the three mosaics presented after the intro on North west Montana are absolutely breathtaking!

    Thank you for yet another entertaining kaleidoscope of our world!

    Happy weekend!


  3. That's a wonderful set of collages/photos! I enjoyed them all very much. You're quite handy with your camera!

  4. Wow, that is a impressive collection.

  5. Mary, I just love your dogs, they are both so beautiful! Beautiful scenic shots from your trip and one of my favorite photos is of the two elk. Wonderful series! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Such pretty drive-by photos -- you are so good! Lots of the same country we traveled through either during the summer or on our way back to Fl. Only your pictures are better. Your dogs are so handsome!

  7. Wow wow wow - what a breath-taking collage of shots!

  8. wow..I almost felt like I was in a journey with you..and I love birds too..

  9. Gorgeous sunrise photos! Wow! I love the hazy, foggy, misty shots, too! Such beautiful country!

  10. Mary, glad you managed to get out of the storm safely! There's so much beauty in this post; I love your dogs, and the coast scene that follows is my favorite. You made good use of the fog, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey. I'm curious; do you sound like a Kentuckian?

    1. Thank you Connie and as for sounding like a Kentuckian...No ;) I am not sure how it came about, maybe when I was an airline stewardess many years ago for Braniff International, but no one ever guessed where I was from. I have what people have called a very soothing voice, whatever that means...ha ha, but I do not sound like so many of the people that live here...I just sound like me I guess, as I lived in California, Oregon, Texas, and Florida, but most of my life has been right here~

  11. Oh Mary, what a wonderful series of images!!! I always love to shoot in fog or sunrise, too. Thanks for sharing your talent and your travels at MM. xoxo

  12. I've enjoyed seeing more of your trip Mary, and the two dogs are gorgeous animals.

  13. Wow, a stunning collection of photos. The German Shepherd reminds me of my own when I was young girl. Have a wonderful week, Jen

  14. Oh that's a great series of collages. So much beauty!

  15. The shots with the mist and fog on the ocean are my favourites. So ethereal. Love seeing the photos of your trip.

  16. Beautiful are your collection of photos!
    Greetings from Holland.

  17. I especially like the photos of the seashore and the mist.

  18. A great serie of photos, nature at its best!

  19. Wonderful photos and places! I still have one of those little black Braniff coffee mugs with a white rim. I flew them quite a bit out of Dallas in the 1970s and maybe the early 80s before they folded. Then Mr. Muse had a short turn at his own airline-- their candy snacks were called "Muse-mints."

  20. Wonderful series from your travels. I love the sunrise shots.

  21. Some very amazing photos of the sunrise and the surroundings. Great perspective, control over the camera and composition.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Alex's World! -


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