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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Post Title 1000~

 Eastern Towhee ( female) Gray Squirrel and Red Fox Squirrel above~

Well here it is 1000 post entries since June 24, 2009.
It was a surprise to me, as I don't keep count, but evidently "Google blogger "does.
 I shall keep the writing brief and allow the images to weave their story for you.
None of this would have ever been made possible without you.
 Those who come to visit my blog, who leave encouraging words. 
You truly are my friends and I appreciate each of you very much.
Each of you bless my heart and I hope in some small way, I bless yours as well.
I have chosen some of your favorites, as well as some that have touched my own soul over these years to share in this special post presentation.
My hope is that you will enjoy what you see.
Thank you all ~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~

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A Red-shouldered Hawk flying through the woods on Tingsgrove, my home~

January and February of 2011, a Great Horned Owl came on our land to hunt~ 


An adult Red-tailed Hawk and it's young one below~

You may already know, I adore Cedar Waxwings ;) Oh yes, I do~

Female Red-Winged Blackbird, young Eastern Bluebird, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Northern Mockingbird, adult Eastern Bluebird, Ruby-throated Hummingbird and
Black-capped Chickadee~

Sunset and Persimmons~

Red-Spotted Purple,  Question Mark Anglewing, Sphinx/Hawk/Hummingbird Moth, Black Swallowtail, and Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterflies~

This is where it all love for Red-Shouldered Hawks. 
Below is the pair that live and breed in our area and their young~

The Screech Owl below was found on my twin sister's stoop, not doing so well and could barely cling to a tree branch. 
Big difference shown the next day~

This was a rarity!
A Red-shouldered/Red-tailed hybrid Hawk~

Fate brought me just in time, to witness this rare breeding of a male Red-shouldered Hawk with a female Red-tailed Hawk. 
Just a few days later, I found the male hawk, badly injured, after hitting a truck as it flew to grab a meal. 
Sadly a few months later it was put down, for he never regained his vision~

In 2012, our little rural town made national news attention, when many thousands of European Starlings took over area trees for the entire Winter~

Local artist Jessie Scarborough has used several of my photographs as subjects for her oil paintings.
This is one of my Milkweed images on the left and her painting on the right~

Sometimes it is just fun being at the right place at the right time. 
This small herd of White-tailed Deer could not make up their mind to be afraid of my car and me, or the fence ahead of them~

Sphinx Moths, some are called Hawk Moths and others Hummingbird Moths on local garden flowers~

Male American Kestrel, Turkey Vulture, and Red-tailed Hawks~

I absolutely adore all Swallows!

Great Blue Heron with a freshly caught Bull Frog.  That is the frog's lung still inflated~

Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly~

A young Great Horned Owl~

Nature creating art, all on it's own.
Snow storm on Tingsgrove ~

Female Common Whitetail Dragonfly, Sphinx Moth, Question Mark, Yellow Swallowtail, Eastern Comma, Zebra Swallowtail, Buckeye, Eastern Tailed-blue and Monarch Butterflies~

I so enjoy watching Raptors in flight, just amazing beauty.  Here is an adult and newly fledged hawk~

Autumn colouration and water reflections on Tingsgrove and beyond my acreage~

Red-tailed Hawk~

The husby drove me down to Tennessee to view many thousands of Sandhill Cranes in February of 2012. 
Sadly both my state of Kentucky and Tennessee, have since passed a hunting law for these amazing creatures~

I was blessed a couple of years ago, in caring for this young blinded Blue Jay. 
Bleu only lived in my care for 6 weeks, but I know at least that I did my best.
Black-capped Chickadee, Mourning Dove, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Downy Woodpecker, Red-winged Blackbird and Eastern Phoebe~

Since I live in a rural area, I enjoy driving with the windows part way down, to hear the birds sing.
Oh what a sweet sound the song of the Eastern Meadowlark, absolutely beautiful~

The darker male Eastern Towhee, sometimes referred to as Rufous-sided Towhee and the lighter coloured female~

The images below, I simply found interesting. 
A woman doing a watercolour in the snow and an image that I took through the windscreen as my husby drove us  also in a light falling snow~

Nature can provide stunning, quiet drama in the Winter months and the final mosaic entry is of several images that always give me a warm feeling, even though I know those days were very cold.
I send you off with special warm hugs from me to you and sweet blessings always~

Just for fun and in keeping with round numbers in 1,000 ;)
These 2 posts, have received the most views, in over 1,000 each~



  1. Wonderful post! So many gorgeous photos. Congrats on the 1000 posts.

  2. Congratulations on your 1000th post!!! Wow what an amazing blog you have!

  3. Wow, what an awesome post. A great one celebrating your 1000 post. Congrats!

  4. Amazing set of collages/photos/images. Your photography is just spectacular, and I have very much enjoyed visiting your blog!

  5. What an amazing array of photos. Your photography is outstanding. As a newcomer to your blog it was a delight to see those photos.

  6. so much awesome beauty. your love of nature shines through these photos.

    that oil painting of your photo is SO gorgeous! wow!

    keep posting, dear mary.

  7. Carissima Amica......All my very best & warmest compliments for your wonderful thousandst blog post gorgeous & full of emotions are your magic nature fotos...the tender stories you tell so magnificiently with them......I can see & I always did...from the very first time I saw your pictures; that you love nature incredibly.....your pictures do not need any words....we just are so lucky to admire them !

    Your world will be always a place where I'll find everything which is beautiful :) Un abbraccio forte e ciaociao elvira

  8. Now at a meagre 824 I really have some serious catching up to do. Not just the posts of course but the sheer creativity of many of your photographs Mary. I had to smile at the lady in the snow and the adjoining shot, I think I must have misssed them first time around, but they are outstanding. And then I love the "sun" shots around your home - wonderful. And the milkweed etc.... I could go on and on. Here's to 2000 - cheers.

  9. Mary, you are a winner, yes madam. My fave is of course the Waxwings followed by butterflies, your very good.

  10. Congrats on the 1000!
    Wonderful images!

  11. congratulations on 1000 posts, Mary! This is an amazing posts and such care put into it. You live in such a beautiful area and have such a good eye for nature with your camera. I love so many of them but that lady painting in the snow is so interesting. Keep up the good blogging!

  12. Great post with such lovely images. What a milestone to reach, keep blogging.

  13. Your images, Mary, are stunning. I'm in awe of the wonderful birds you capture with your lens. The red shouldered hawk in one of the top photos is so beautiful it makes me ache.
    Congrats on your 1000th post.

  14. Mary,

    You are so abundantly talented! Congrats again, on your 1000 posts; it is a great artistic achievement! I shall have to wake up tomorrow morning, earlier than usual, with a strong cup of coffee, to really take in and appreciate each and every beautiful image you have captured with your keen photographer's eye! It is 12:40 am, Monday morning here and I must call it a night!

    Have a lovely week!


  15. Absolutely stunning photos, Mary! and Congratulation with the 1000 posts! :))

  16. Impossible to pick a favorite ...each and every one is perfect.

    BUT OUCH the poor bullfrog :)

    Truthfully, coming here is like visiting the Masterpiece Theater of Blogging. I always feel as if I've entered a special Audubon / National Geographic sort of space..the incredible patience and perseverance that it takes to get shots such as these blows me away. I feel lucky to get a few decent shots ( after 50 bad ones ) of birds in my back yard so I can only imagine, but I certainly appreciate!!! :)

  17. Beautiful Mary, I enjoyed scrolling slowly down through all the photos. I checked my posts after you said you were going to be posting #1000 and I am nowhere near that number.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing photography with us.

  18. I've been so blessed by your blog and all of the nature photos. My husband and I both visit you and enjoy your rare glimpses of birds and animals we never see. congrats on so many posts...and best wishes for more to come! Sweet hugs, Diane

  19. Your posts always inspire and thrill me Mary - thank you!
    I had never heard of the Red Shouldered Hawk until I met you - what beauties they are.

    This particular post is special in so many ways - it's the crème de la crème of them all - a feast for the eyes - an example of what can be achieved with a camera and a trained eye and last but not least your 1000th post!!!

    Oh my goodness Mary - BLESS YOU - for it all - you inspire each and every one of us.
    Thank you.

    Much love and hugs

  20. Aww this is my first visit to your blog and I know I will be back - I'm a lover of the hawk too.
    Just adore your photos you have shared.
    Love Leanne

  21. Through the years I have been touched by the Master Creator's hand through your photography & artistry! Surely the Heart of the Artist ~ DaddyGod is the purest inspiration of your soul come through the dazzling, delicate, dimensional, dancing sunsets, insects, critters & dramatic colorizations & almost audible sounds coming through your artwork! A beautiful collection of your artwork collages! :)

  22. Great varieties of the photographs! Indeed, a unique series..and Congrats to 1000 posts..

  23. Congratulations, Mary,
    what a wonderful world you have been sharing with us through those one thousand posts!
    I looked through the images you share her today and they simply took my breath away! I would not know how to chose favorites, but two I'd like to mention as outstanding: the wild persimmons and the woman painting in the snow. That last one is outstanding. Artistry on both side of the camera! The wild persimmons remind me of late autumn walks along the Potomac river and finding the one or other fruit still on the trees, even after several frosty nights. And they always were delicious, the later the better. As long as I was able to reach them, that is. ;-)

    Best wishes and I am looking forward to anything you'll share with us in the future. Your images always enrich my life. Thank you,

  24. A superb landmark Mary!

    This post is a little bit of a roller coaster ride with the up and downs of Nature.....

    You live in a wonderful setting, you show off your neighbours in a wonderful way


  25. What can I say that hasn't already been said. Your photographs, as always, inspire the hope and love of nature in all of us. You should publish this 1000 Posts as a book ... it can be done on the internet and it is not expensive. Your family would love to have such a beautiful tribute to your art and love of nature. I'm so happy for you ... what an accomplishment!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  26. Congratulations on 1000 posts!
    Great photos and such a variety of birds. My favorite would be the beautiful little blue bird!

  27. Congratulations. Your beautiful posts have brought over a thousand blessings to your readers!

    I remember a few of them but they are so worth seeing again -- and quite a few of them were new to me.

    Every picture is wonderful. I'm sad about the hunting season for cranes but except for that the post is filled with such joy.

  28. another super-visual-treat from you Mary; thanks for sharing and congratulatiions on your 1000th!

  29. A picture is worth 1000 posts....


    So much color, variety, composition and, my favorite, birds!

  30. ...they are all so terrific...but I can't get over the one photo of the the r.s. hawk flying through the woods on your property.


    Hope your next 1000 posts will be fun for you...I know they will be for us all.

  31. Congratulations! And you certainly celebrated with style. Wonderful post.

  32. wow, you accomplished a lot with your 1000 posts. I´m sure you will in the next 1000 as well. Will be nice to follow. :)

  33. Wonderful dedication to 1000 posts. All of these images are stunners. Sad about the Hawk having to be put down. Your snow images make me want winter:)

  34. So many gorgeous collages! Love the wings one of dragonfly and butterflies!


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