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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cedar Waxwings Surprise Me in Springtime~

I do not believe that I have ever seen Cedar Waxwings in the late Spring, early Summer months and if I have, I do not remember it. 
While driving past one of my favorite photography locations...Fox Hollow Farms week before last and I saw some movement in 6 little trees that lined their entrance. 
As I pulled up alongside one of the trees and pointed the camera out the passenger seat window, I was made so happy, as I really adore these birds. 
The only drawback was rain was in the offing and it was beginning to sprinkle on a very gray day. 
I thought, does not matter, give it your best shot, and I did just that.

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~

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My only thriving Azalea bush blossomed for only about 10 days and then the show was over for another full year~

The fragrance and delicious looking Locust tree blossoms were abundant around Kentucky roadways until last week~

Dianthus blossoms remind me of butterflies~

An American Robin joins the Cedar Waxwings above, and Peonies blossomed on our Tingsgrove acreage, and beyond~

Our neighbors Sandy and Dave are trying their hand at growing Blueberries. 
With all of the White-tailed Deer and Rabbits, I wish them well~

My neighbor Mona across the lane has the lovliest gardens and I try to sneak over to photograph there often. 
These Roses are some of my favorites this time of year~

Below are some of my own Knock Out Roses, which are supposed to bloom from Spring until first frost, but watch out, mine never do... something always gets in the is hoping~

I have no idea what must have happened of the Cedar Waxwings was hanging upside down and dead...part of nature, that makes it difficult~



  1. Mary, gorgeous flowers and I love the Cedar Waxwings. Lovely photos. Have a happy week ahead!

  2. Hello, dear lady! it has been a while since I visited, but we have had our hands full.

    I see your photos are as crisp and beautiful as ever, and you never fail to please the eye.

    Our berries here have to be at least partially covered or the birds will eat everything! So we share. ;) Happy 4th of July.

  3. Beautiful flowers and waxwings!

  4. The cedar waxwings are after the berries on the serviceberry tree just as they are in my yard. It's a feeding frenzy when those berries are ripe. The males like to feed the female berries, it's cute to see.
    Your neighbour's roses are pretty, thanks for sharing them.

  5. Incredible images! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Hi Mary, I have really enjoyed your post this morning with the gorgeous Cedar Waxwings intersperse the stunningly beautiful flowers. Thank you! I am off to work now, but you have started my day off just right.
    I always enjoy my visits with you.
    Have a wonderful week Mary.

  7. they're such magnificent birds! love the white blooms, too!

  8. beautiful, beautiful! That first one is a stunner! We are having our second surge of knock outs after trimming back the first. they should bloom til it gets cold. Sorry your azalea didn't give you much of a show. The weather has been so strange this year everything seems a bit "off." Have a good week!

  9. Of all the birds we see here, I have yet to see any Waxwings. It's actually been quite a long time since I've seen any. These are very nice shots and the flowers are gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful photos of the birds and flowers! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Mother Nature can be so beautiful and sad at the same time. Loved this post. Beautiful flowers and the Cedar Waxwings -- what a treat!

  12. The cedar waxwings are lovely, as are all the flowers. Those white roses really caught my eye, so rich and creamy.

  13. Oh my, such beautiful photos of different flowers and the Cedar Waxwings. I love the Dianthus.

  14. Every image in this beautiful post could be a page in a coffee table book -- the waxwing eating the berry is beyond perfection!

    A bird person told me once that waxwings don't follow the same migration path every year, the way most birds do...she said they go a different path every time. No idea if that's right or not but it might explain why you're seeing them at an unusual time. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you saw them and grateful that you shared!!

  15. How absolutely beautiful - some of the images look like botanical prints. I particularly like the image with the robin in half-flight. Great shots!

  16. Beautiful set of photos and collages. You do such a nice job. Love the Waxwings! We're just back today from 10 days in Alaska visiting our daughter, SIL and 2 year old granddaughter, so I'm catching up.

  17. I'm sorry to hear about the Waxwing in the last photograph, but, it happened to everything. The Cedar Waxwings are fantastic, I love them.

  18. Very beautiful photos, maybe the Waxwing has enough from cold and enjoys the warmer climate.

  19. Great shots of the waxwings. And the flowers are stunning. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  20. A great series of photos - the birds and flowers are all beautiful.

  21. Indeed you did give it your best shot ... these Cedar Waxwing pictures look like they should be in an Audubon Magazine. Just Beautiful! Except the last sad statement of reality. I hate to see it, but I know we must remain aware that nature does run it's course. Your flowers are beautiful as well. Your camera is managed by a gifted eye and hand. Love all of it ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  22. Great photos, I love the photos of the Cedar Waxwings!

  23. Let us hope he was just too greedy and over-ate. The world around you is so very beautiful. I love peonies and roses and the cedar waxwings raiding the crabapple are so delightful. Life must be good!

  24. beautiful nature and birds; I love the cedar waxwing

  25. Flowers out of season, birds out of place - it all adds up in the end.

    I think you can see something like fishing line in last picture.

    Thanks for the link to WBW.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  26. There is something so peaceful about the waxwings' subdued color and demeanor. Very beautiful birds and flowers!

  27. It may have been a rainy, grey day but your pictures and enthusiasm made up for that Mary.You have some fabulous flowers near your home and those colours and shapes cheere dme up too.

  28. What a beautiful post! The Waxwings always look so neat and clean! Simply gorgeous flowers!

    The whole thing made my day better.
    Thank you!


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