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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blue Birds and Spring Beauties~


 Siberian Squil and Spring Beauties are some of the tiniest blossoms in our little gardens in the shade.
Above are Siberian Squil.  
One of my friends who is a beekeeper said that she found it fascinating to see the bees with purple pollen sacs.  (View further down) 
Melanie said that you usually see white, yellow and green pollen sacs.  
Sadly my Italian Bee colony either did not survive the cold of Winter, or they moved before it got too cold, but at least I saw this one bee and that means there are others nearby.  
The male Eastern Bluebird below was photographed on my favorite ride, that many followers have heard me speak of often, yet alas, may not be hearing so much about in future posts.
Some may remember that while traveling Covered Bridge Road last Mother's Day, a car coming toward me in my lane, hit me head on and caused over $4,000 damage and left me with a rental for 5 weeks.  
This past Wednesday, the husby, myself and the 2 dogs were en route up Covered Bridge Road and minding our own business.  
It is an absolutely gorgeous country drive, but the road takes many curves and can be dangerous.  
We were on a straight stretch of road, not very busy, due to it being Spring vacation break, when out of nowhere a brand new red Dodge was coming approximately 55mph...the speed limit in our lane.  
This time, there was no place to get out of the way.  
The husby, a former police officer, with excellent defensive driving skills, decided to make a quick stop, bracing for possible impact.  
It was one of the most frightening things that we have ever faced together!  
It was like one of the kids video games, when just before the blast of impact, the vehicle suddenly swerves out of harms way.  
That was our only blessing, that the driver finally got smart, only by a hair though.  
The 12 week old puppy was asleep in the back, and may have hit the back of the husby's seat, because she was screaming!
We rushed her to the Veterinarian, and she said, that Silvie may have hit her chest, but seemed more frightened than hurt.  
We brought her home and she cried off an on until she went to bed Wednesday evening.  
Needless to say, we feel very blessed, for it could have been a very, very bad accident.  
We never got the plate number of the driver, for they knew they messed up and they were out of sight, as soon as they realized what they had nearly caused. 
One never knows what may come in any given day, but we need to always be ready for whatever happens and pray for the best outcome~
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My Eastern Bluebird images were taken at Foxhollow Farm in Crestwood, KY~

Below are Spring Beauties, that all but hug the ground~



  1. Beautiful images, all, but the blue birds are amazing. The only blue bird we have here is the Stellar's Jay.
    Thank goodness for your husband's excellent driving skills. The thought of 'what might have been' is just too frightening!

  2. Oh my heavens Mary, your narrow escape made my heart pound and I'm just sittin' here at my desk..... you are so right, we never know....

    Your mosaics are absolutely stunning as always and I adore the bluebirds.

  3. Mary, stunning pics ... can't decide if I like the birds more than the flowers or vice versa! Gorgeous all. Really frightening story. Hugs to you, hubby and pup!

  4. Thank you, so much for sharing your gift and talent of photography-seeing these photos of nature is so incredibly uplifting and a joyous experience for me!

    Thank goodness everyone is safe-

  5. Thank goodness disaster was averted. The story is in such contrast to the calm and beautiful photos. The bluebird reminds me of the Leonard Cohen song, "Bird on the Wire".

  6. Wow! I'm glad that turned out like it did! Talk about scary!

    Love your bluebird shots! Gorgeous! I haven't seen a bluebird in a long time.

  7. Beautiful photos of spring buds, bulbs and bluebirds Mary. I see bluebird houses on fence posts in our area but have yet to see any birds.
    I am thankful that a terrible accident was averted and that you, hubby and dogs are safe.

  8. really glad you did not have another collision! so sorry it was a bad scare for the new pup, though.

    love the blooms! the blue ones we do not have here. we get the spring beauties, though. and those luscious bluebirds. :)

  9. Wow! Love the blue birds and all your photos are excellent for Blue Monday ^_^

  10. Wonderful pictures. I've been thinking a lot about the color blue lately. I'm glad you and your husband and dog are OK ... what a scare. Really makes you sit up and think about life and how grateful you are for each day. Have a good week!

  11. I'm so glad you and Silvie weren't hurt in your near miss car accident! That's crazy and a good thing your hubby has such great driving skills. Your photos are so beautiful. I love the blue flowers and the blue birds. Amazing photos! Blessings, Pamela

  12. Those bluebird photo collages are just beautiful!!!!! Amazing photos. So glad you were able to avoid a crash, I'm sure it frightening. Have a great week, Laura

  13. I'm so glad you and your husband escaped uninjured - what a frightening experience it must have been, and what a relief your dogs are both ok too. I would definitely hesitate before driving that road again!
    The little Eastern bluebird is just exquisite - what gorgeous colouring. A wonderful collection of photos to get us in the mood for spring!
    Hope you had a good Easter

  14. Dear Mary, What ould be better than flowers and birds. Lovely photographs. ox, Gina

  15. What a horribly scary experience!!

  16. Wonderful photos and collages. Love your Blue Birds! So glad the accident was avoided and that you're okay.

  17. oh look at all that beautiful blue, the birds, the flowers.
    Have a nice week.

  18. The flowers and bluebirds are all beautiful.

  19. So so pretty!! I am always green with envy to those that are able to spot bluebirds so close by.

    BAD 'Hair' DAY

  20. ...glad you are all o.k., and Mary I really loved your post; so much beautiful botanical and fabulous birds; thank you

  21. Such gorgeous springtime images!

    Thanks so much for your visit to the Back Porch. When we built our present home 10 years ago, we were downsizing from living in the back pasture of a fairly large farm. J designed the house and gardens there. He lived on the farm from birth until he was 58 and I lived there 20 years.I sort of designed our home here. It sits on about 3/4 acre. I think J still misses the work on the farm, even 10 years after we moved from there.

    The home we have decided to sell is our second home. It's at a lake about 2.5 hours from home. Not a lot of work there, other than a tad bit of upkeep,but we find we aren't there as often these days, so decided to sell. Great memories there.

  22. What bad luck you had there Mary. A crash and a near miss. Thank goodness everyone is safe enough despite the initial scare. Your pictures today don't give any hint of how you might be feeling now after such a fright. Each and everyone is just wonderful and I just don't know how you matched the flowers to the Bluebirds so well. If there is one US bird i would love to have around it is the Bluebird, no wonder there are thoss wonderful songs.

  23. Such beautiful flowers to go with the birds. The adventures of life. Thankfully you both are okay and can continue with the fun uninterrupted:)

  24. So sorry to hear about your car troubles...when it rains it pours huh?! You gave me dabs of visual joy with the nature images.

  25. Oh my goodness, what a terrifying experience. Thank goodness you are all safe and sound.

    Viewing your stunning photographs certainly brightened my day. Bluebirds are my favorite birds! My fingers are crossed that our resident bluebirds will raise a few successful broods this year.

  26. My heart was in my throat reading your post!

    I was all enthralled with the bluebird and then BOOM! I started reading!

    So glad that this horrible scare did not result in anything worse...

  27. There is a bit of a blue theme going on here! Nice.

    I'd love to see a Blue BIrd - one day!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne.

  28. I love your fresh spring flowers and the Bluebirds. We live near water so though there are Bluebirds in the area, we don't see them often. They always take my breath away though.

    I am so sorry that your beautiful place of peace has been taken from you by the indifferent behavior of another. Thank goodness you are all right and the puppy, I assume, has recovered. Will you still be able to follow your Red Shoulder Hawks? I certainly hope so. Thank you for these beautiful pictures ... Be safe

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  29. Lot's of blue here! Great serie, as usual... Love those Eastern bluebird shot you got! Always nice to stop py your blog Mary!

  30. Very glad to hear you're okay!
    Love the Bluebird! I just returned from photographing some!
    Be careful out there!

  31. You were very very lucky with the near miss, you have shown some great photos.

  32. Especially the blue flowers and birds, and the pink/white magnolia jump out at me in this wonderful Spring series:)

  33. That was some harrowing experience you all had in the car - glad everyone is fine and no injuries. It must have been frightful for puppy, not understanding what was happening. Your post is delightful Mary - just what these winter-weary eyes need. Bluebirds are beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take good care now.

  34. After reading about your harrowing experience it was so nice to look at the soothing photos of birds and flowers!

  35. Mary, I'm so grateful that you weren't hurt, and that doggie is ok, too.

    Such a feast for the eyes! Would that it were always spring.

  36. I know what you mean about running yourself ragged! Too busy!!

    Nice post - owls are always a winner!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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