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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Light Snow Falling and a Country Ride~

In these past three months, I have taken more time, even than I normally would to reflect.
It is a good thing.
Friday I took our dog Meaka with me, to run a few errands, and then took the long way home;')
A very light snow was falling and it made for a lovely ambiance, as I drove along in the quiet on Winter, while listening to classical music and enjoying a nice cup of hot peppermint was a peaceful time, time that I enjoyed very much.
This Wednesday, our little world is going to have a forever change made to it.
Our 8 week old Long Coat German Shepherd shall be flying in from Iowa.
Gräfin Silvie Aleit Vom Dettmer von Tingsgrove
will join
Gräfin Meaka Vom Warfenburg of Tingsgrove
and the husby and myself, along with our 2 cats
Spencer Ivy and Survhee Pipka.
This coming May ending, shall be 5 years since we contacted the breeder, and we are so happy to finally be bringing our new pup-cub home.
No doubt images of her shall appear on my Mosaic Monday entry next week, if not sooner.  Hmm, wonder if I can somehow have her appear in my SkyWatch Friday post...that is if I have time to post. 
New puppies need lots of attention. 
I shall be forever grateful to Theresa Dettmer of:
Vom Haus Dettmer Long Coat German Shepherds

Awe following our dear friend Bob's question in comments. 
I thought that I should let everyone know that our Meaka is fine!  
She is just past her 5th birthday and we adore her so much.  
It was perfect timing to bring a second dog into our lives, hearts and home.  
Meaka will make a wonderful big sister to Silvie.
Not to worry, all is well~

I am linking up with Mary for:

"Mosaic Monday"



The three images above were taken just after sunrise in Prospect, Kentucky~

As the light snow fell, I captured this Eastern Meadowlark, Red-winged Blackbird, Red-tailed Hawk and American Kestrel, as I drove from Prospect toward LaGrange in Oldham County~

I was just a few miles from home, driving up a very pretty country lane, when a few
White-tailed Deer ran across in front of me.
They were heading for the fence at the back of some property when the buck suddenly turned back and started to run toward me again. 
It was kind of funny, watching him try to make up his mind which way he was going to go. 
I found something quite interesting with him to. 
Can you see that his legs look like they have white stockings? 
In all of my years of observing these deer, I had never seen that before.

Nearly home now, in a field were hundreds of European Starlings.  I know they can be really messy, but I also think that when they are in their Winter colours they are striking birds.

Happy Monday, Happy Mosaic Monday, Happy Week~


  1. really nice barn and silo on that farmstead! looks more midwestern than kentucky style! but i really like it!

    good luck with your new pup! i hope she arrives safe and sound and very healthy and rarin' to go!

  2. Mary, you got some really beautiful captures of birds and deer. I love that there are snow flurries coming down in the photos. Very pretty!

  3. What a wonderful post! That buck was probably auditioning for the Tingsgrove White Socks. Wonderful shot of the barn. I'd love a farm like that and to live in your surrounding countryside with so much wildlife.
    Congratulations on your new baby, I know you will all enjoy each other.
    Guess I've been doing a lot of thinking lately too.

  4. Gorgeous farm shots! I really like that place! Very nice! Jealous of the kestrel. I'd love to photograph one. I'm very familiar with the white flags, though! I've seen those many times!

  5. Thanks to all, even though I do not ever know if those who have posted comments prior to mine shall ever see this.
    The farm is across the lane from a petting zoo in Prospect, called Henry's Ark.
    Brian, I have seen those white flags/tails go up, but I had never seen white legs like the buck had. If you see this comment...have you seen the white legs like that before too? He was a think fella, I thought, for the size of his antlers...which should soon drop away~

  6. What happened to Meeka Mary? The puppy is very lucky to be in loving hands.

  7. Lovely pictures of the countryside around your home Mary where even when it snows hard you make everywhere look so beautiful. I'm amazed you waited five years for your new puppie so she must be a very special one. Can't wait to see her - lots of appreciative blog comments coming your way soon.

  8. How exciting to get the male kestrel. I've only been able to get the female. The meadowlark is a great find also. Best of luck with your new family member. :)

  9. Your photography never disappoints me! That first shot of the fence/haybales with the barn in the background is really nice. All your photos and collages are really good, but I especially like that Red-winged Blackbird photo with the "snow falling softly". Excellent photo!

  10. Oh my, so many great photos!! I like the barn very much, it looks so different to ours. And so many birds, so amazing to see :)

  11. A beautiful post... and backed up by your wonderful images.
    Hugs Andrew xx

  12. Mary, congrats on your new Puppy. I am sure Meaka will love her new sister Silvie! Love the images from your country ride. The barns, hay and the birds are all wonderful. Have a happy day and enjoy your new pup!

  13. great post! so many beautiful details :)

  14. That is a large flock of starlings, nicely captured along with the other birds and deer.
    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new baby.

  15. You managed to see many amazing things on your drive. I look forward to seeing your new puppy. Valerie

  16. I love the barn, too and those deer are very wonderful to see. Everything looks even more picturesque with the lightly falling snow! Enjoy your week!

  17. I had a long haired German Shepherd when I was a girl. We called her Muska. I hope she settles in well.

  18. Wonderful to see all the birds, deer, horses and barn. The countryside is so pretty there and it looks as if wildlife is on the move.

  19. I so enjoyed this post. Your photographs are amazing, and they made me enjoy your words even more. I love dogs, so I am happy for you that you have a new puppy arriving. We have two dogs and it is wonderful for both of them.

    So lovely to meet you.


  20. Beautiful photos. I love the light snow and the deer.
    Enjoy your new pup!

  21. Great pictures / collages showing Mary. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Wishing you a good Monday :) Hanne Bente

  22. hot peppermint mocha sounds delicious. I have never heard of it, and now I want to try it!
    It is so lovely to take time to slow down, reflect and enjoy.
    Beautiful shots as always Mary. I love stopping by to see into your corner of the world and am never disappointed by the views. Thank you.
    Enjoy your new pup and have a wonderful week.

  23. Mary, such lovely photos -- I especially like the barn ones, though they are all so good. Interesting the white legged deer. We have the deer walk through our yard nearly every morning -- sometimes 8 of them. I wish they could find their way to the country!

  24. Lovely pictures as those barns! Puppy pics to come...yay :)

  25. Lovely mosaics. The barn is beautiful and I love the bird shots. I can feel your excitement and am looking forward to seeing photos of your new family member.

  26. Lovely post Mary! It's magical the way you put together those mosaics -- the barn/tree trio especially is frameable! I'd be happy looking at that every day of my life.

    Congrats on the new arrival,looking forward to seeing pix of both of them soon.

  27. Fun post, Mary! I love the composition of the first photo - i love old barns, they make me happy :)
    The deer running away are tons of fun too - great stuff!

  28. What lovely photos - the red-winged blackbird is stunning and the snow makes the photos look so pretty. What rich and diverse wildlife you have around you. Congratulations on the new addition to your family - I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of her - such an exciting and fun time getting to know a new little personality.


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