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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Striking Up With Some Wildlife Company~

It was a very nice week, so far as striking up with some wildlife company for a bit.
The husby and I were driving into the big city to run the dog the other day, when this beautiful Coyote ran across the lane.
I only got 2 images and this was the best of them.
My new banner image of the Red-Shouldered Hawk was taken through glass from our lower patio doors the other day. It was pleasing to me, for how well that particular image came out, considering the distance of about 150', as well as the blue sky and the white truck of my favorite Sycamore tree in the yard.
The pair of the Red-Shouldered Hawks below is what gave the name to this blog 3 1/2 years ago.
They pair for life, unless one of them dies, and they were hunting together across the lane from our home yesterday morning~

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The younger Red-Shouldered Hawk in the remainder of the R-S Hawk images was hunting at Rawlings, which is an office complex approximately 2 miles from Tingsgrove~

Whenever I say the word Chickadee, I always have to smile. 
My 9 year old grandson Thomas loved a bird book when he was younger, that made bird sounds. 
He would repeat over and over again, when he saw the image of the Chickadee...
"Chickadee,dee,dee,dee, Chichadee dee dee..."  and smile so big;')~

We purchased our Meaka at age 6 months, 4 years ago this past June. 
She is such a cherished member of our family. 
We have been waiting for nealy 4 years, to make it to the top of another Long Coat German Shepherd breeders list, and we are finally there. 
A litter has been born going on 2 weeks ago and the breeder will be keeping a close watch on the 4 female pup-cubs to see if any of them match up with what our heart desires in long coats, with deep black blanket with some silvers and reds mixed it. 
We are very excited! 
If not this litter, than possibly one of the upcoming 2 which would be born within next 15 months, or so.
It is all in this marvlous breeders hands, as she is brilliant and so professional at what she does~

Below, part of where Meaka runs on our 2 acres, and hopefully very soon will run with a little sister~

Yesterday was a banner day for wildlife, in that as we were on our way to visit Bill's father, we came across this little family of a doe on the right and her 2 fawns from this past summer. 
I loved how the one fawn nuzzled into her momma, as I took photographs~

Who would not love a Tufted Titmouse visitor and we have so many.
I would never be able to count them in a bird count;')~

Sweet little Carolina Wrens, just adore these wee chaps~

Happy week to all, who come for a visit with me!
Take care, be well, and sweet blessings always~


  1. good luck with another pup!

    i love the red-shouldered. such beauties.

  2. Beautiful wildlife photos Mary. The hawks are so nice but I only ever see them in the air around here. Your dog is precious and I hope he will soon have a sister to romp around with. Have a great week. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Beautiful images and collages! That Meaka is a winner!

  4. Your dog is beautiful! We used to have a black shepherd and she was a great dog! Love the hawk photos! I wish I could see them so frequently.

  5. That Tufted Titmouse is ridiculously cute!

  6. Wonderful yard -- I can hardly imagine having so many of those darling birds that I couldn't count them! The hawks (as always) are magnificent!. And I love the deer.

    You're getting another dog?

  7. Wow, fantastic images Mary. Love the Titmouse in flight. Have an enjoyable week:)

  8. Beautiful photos. I like your new header..what a great picture. Interesting coyote picture. We have them here in the suburbs, which is amazing to me.

  9. Wow! Amazing wildlife photography and mosaics ~ love your handsome dogs ~

    (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Wonderful photos and mosaics. Love those Carolina Chickadees.

  11. I like your description of the coyote 'beautiful'; which is how I would say it too. Unfortunately in our area the packs are starting to build and a bounty will be put on them to cull the numbers. One farmer had 11 behind his barn and we're sheep and cattle country.
    Meaka has such an expressive face, and will be a good teacher to the new pup no doubt.

  12. Beautiful, Mary! I love your new header, the stealthy coyote, and all your amazing birds.

    Thanks for your good comment. I like your phrase "walking across the room". Hadn't heard that before.

  13. So many awesome shots! The coyote looks like he is not going hungry. I photographed my first tit,Ouse today but they are not as good as yours.

  14. What a wonderful series! I sure hope you get a little sister for your beautiful Meaka -- what fun they will have together. You are blessed with amazing wild life and thank you for sharing with us.

  15. So many great ones in here, Mary! I love the hawks with the snow. Cool coyote too - he looks so red, beautiful! And your pup is adorable, too!
    Hope 2013 is off to a happy start for you and your family!

  16. Oh, how odd. I can't find my comment here although I was certain I'd left one! Good thing I came back to check. Love all of your birds.

  17. Great shots! Love your dog!

  18. Awesome shots of the hawks. And your Meaka is so pretty. Love all your wildlife shots. Thanks for sharing.

  19. There's one shot of that hawk where I swear he's looking right into your lens. Great shot!

  20. A great series. Your hawk photos are awesome. That little titmouse is so cute.

  21. Wow, I can't imagine seeing a coyote run right in front of me. So happy you were able to get a picture of him. Your photographs are amazing!

  22. Great pictures / collages showing :) Hanne Bente

  23. I love them all, and Meaka, she is beautiful.

  24. I love your new header, Mary! What a marvelous photo! And although I have to say that the chickadees, TT's and Carolina Wrens are among my favorites, I am wildly jealous of your coyote photos! We had a pair in our yard last year, and I totally missed getting even one shot! :(

    Thanks so much for sharing at MM. :) xoxo

  25. Much as I love the bird shots, that hidden coyote is wonderful. It seems to be a real character shot.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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