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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Living and Loving in the Red~

I am so colour is really kind of silly!
I never wear red unless it is a Raspberry red.
I never wear orange, unless it is a shrimp colour.
The only blue that I wear is true navy blue and light blue oxford style blouses.
You will probably never see me wearing purple either, but I love periwinkle...
Call me a strange bird, if you will, it is just the way I was put together;')
Now then, show me the red of a male Cardinal, or the red berries and fruit that draw in all sorts of songbirds this time of year...and that red makes me very happy!
Love the male Cardinals...what handsome chaps they are, with wee little voices to go along with their bold colourations~

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Female Cardinals are quite special as well. 
In fact I love them as much, if not more their mates~

A Yellow-rumped Warbler partakes of the over ripened Crabapples across the fence line from my driveway~

Along with Finches...

and Mockingbirds...

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers...

and the American Robins~
Yes, I do love reds sometimes~


  1. I love them. Especialy the ones with a bit of red colouring.

  2. I have always loved red in nature and in decorating my house, but for clothing, not so much. These are wonderful photos. A bright red male cardinal against the winter skies makes for a stunning photo.

  3. Such beautiful photos Mary. I enjoy seeing the birds here but there isn't much red in my back yard but for the rosy breasted Common Redpolls. The Cardinals are down the road at a friends feeders. I guess they don't want to come up here at all. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Truly special reds, Mary!
    Love the cardinal, miss not seeing them. There are many truly special birds in your part of the world.

    Strange, I also prefer raspberry red. I even got raspberry read placemats for Christmastime. ;-)

  5. no better winter bird in n america than the cardinal, i think. :)

  6. The red bird is so wonderful. I hope I can see this one time.....
    Beautiful series you made here.
    The red colours are so nice in photos.
    Wish you a nice and creativ weekend.
    From Hilda

  7. Wow !! Beautiful and colorful photos, particularly the male cardinal !!

  8. Love all those splashes of red, adding such cheer to the winter landscape. And I adore cardinals - the boys especially always look so sassy! They're head-turning handsome, and they darn well know it. :-)

  9. How I smiled when I got to your blog Mary. Love these photos. We watch our cardinals every day and it seems they just fly away when I get my camera. Stay warm. The cold is coming.

  10. Winter cardinals are a beautiful sight, thanks for sharing with us and thanks for your kind comments on my post. There was a lot of family issues to look after but I am missing the rythm of blogging and seeing the beautiful moments that surround us.

  11. The male cardinal is beautiful! He stands out nicely against the various backgrounds. The female is gorgeous, though, too! Red is actually my favorite color. Wonderful photos, Mary!

  12. Wow - those reds are superb! Love the cardinals shots the most.

  13. Beautiful display of reds!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. Oh, I forgot, I do love your new header.

  15. We have some beautiful Cardinal pairs in our feeders today. And I'm pretty much the same way. I love lime green...but that's the only green. I wear certain reds but not in the orange tones. I sure love your new profile pic, my friend! Happy Sunday!

  16. Beautiful photos!! Those are worth framing!! Thanks for sharing with us.


  17. I just LOVE the Cardinals! Wish they'd come up in our neck of the woods! Wonderful photos and collages.

  18. Adore these beautiful reds -- I'll never forget the first time we saw a cardinal. (They don't live in the Pacific Northwest, so it was after we retired and started traveling. I was so thrilled!)

  19. Mary, lovely birds and mosaics! The Cardinal is beautiful in the winter months. He really stands out on a snowy day. Have a happy week!

  20. Cardinals are so photogenic ~ Wonderful photography for Mosaic Monday ~

    (A Creative Harbor)

  21. I have been trying to capture a photo of the cardinals at the feeders but they must see the glint of glass as I am madly trying to focus the camera. Off they go and no photo. Your photos are wonderful. Valerie

  22. Cardinals are such beautiful birds. Love your photographs, truly amazing!
    Visiting from MM.

  23. Your photos are out and out wonderful! Nice to have found you. Came from Mary's MM.

  24. We have cardinals in our yard year round. It is my goal to one day capture a male on an evergreen bough with a snowy background. Your bird shots are amazing as usual Mary.

  25. I found your lovely blog through Mary's Mosaic Monday, I think we have a few things in common, even though my blog is mainly a gardening blog :-)
    I have also published a few books through Blurb, couldn't find your second book, has it 'vanished'?
    Would love to come back some other time and read more.
    Take care, Helene

  26. I adore the cardinals. I feel like I've been given a great treasure when they visit the buffet at Twisty Lane! Ha! Love your shots of color (red!) and your feathered friends.

  27. I haven't seen a cardinal since we moved to the Island, and I miss the wonderful flash of cheer they seem to represent. We have Stellar's Jays for colour - a gorgeous bright blue.

  28. Cardinals are indeed colourful and their shade of red is one I'm unlikely to wear too...but it looks great on them!

  29. Lovely shots of your Cardinals. They are beauties!

  30. Great serie of photos, so much to see!
    Well done!

  31. A great series of photos and beautiful touches of red.

  32. So lovely, Mary! I do love a good red, although I don't really wear it except for raspberry... I do love a good purple or turquoise to wear...

    I'm amazed to see all the berries you have. Ours seem to have all been eaten already. It's so cold here, that I terrible for the birds, and have been throwing out bread and raisins and even grapes and apples... Normally not something I would do for fear of encouraging bears...

    Thanks for sharing at MM. :)


  33. This is a really nice series! I love all the images. The cardinal can certainly make a cold winter day special!

  34. The cardinals with their reds and the blue jays with their blues are my favorite winter colors to see. :)
    Wonderful shots of the birds and gorgeous mosaics!


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