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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Touted to be the Loneliest Road in America~

Touted to be the:
Loneliest Road in America,
and parallels with the Pony Express Trail.
From sand dunes to snow capped mountains that reach summits of over 11,000 feet, this highway had it all.
Located in Nevada, and running 287 miles east/west on Highway 50.
Bill had wanted to take this road 5 years ago, and we changed our minds the last minute.
You have to make sure that you have water in your engine, fuel tank filled to the brim and all systems working, along with food and water for yourself and your pup-cub!
 All are essential!

A few ranches dotted the highway. 
I loved these horses standing, looking in my direction, with only a single cow. 
I wondered about the lengths these ranch owners must go to, to get their supplies from one of the towns on the far side of the highway, east, or west, still a very long way to go.

A ranch hand makes his way across an open field with his two dogs. 
The mane on his horse was so red, I thought that surely it had been dyed...maybe not~

All day long, for hours, we saw mirages~

Little pockets of desert colours made the drive not so dreary~

The cloud formation above, seemed to go on for miles~

Hmm, what kind of home is at the end of this long driveway...the lane traveled way up into the mountains behind~

Shadows and conifers gave the mountains life, as we passed by~

As we were getting closer to the far eastern section of the highway, we began to see more life. 
Wind turbines stood like giants to our left, while snow covered summits were seen to the right. 
This was really a gorgeous valley~

Mt. Moriah, was one of the most majestic sites seen from this drive, and so worth the whole day to arrive here~

OK, it may not be wild, but one of the things that I had hoped to view and photograph on this journey was a Long Horned Steer.

I saw 2 and got photographs of neither one.

Then, I spotted this brilliant looking cow and calf and told Bill, I had to get these captures.  It was getting near dusk and so I had to get them quickly, as we did not want to get stuck on this highway in the dark. 
If I could have, I would have purchased that calf and brought it home to Tingsgrove and made a pet out of it~

I suppose there is some reason behind youth throwing pairs of perfectly good shoes up into perfectly beautiful, healthy trees...
Maybe since there are no walls for grafiti, this is their next best thing to do.

The moon was showing beautifully above the mountains and we were really getting tired.  Even with all of the beauty of the day...we were really looking forward to some food at a nice restaurant and a bed and pillow~

The end of the road~


  1. gorgeous desert colors and rough terrain. the mountains are beautiful. you know the cattle stole the show, though. :)

  2. wow, love the views. those mountains, clouds, the horns ... your trip was a lovely time. thank you for sharing with us. so beautiful. take care. (:

  3. LOVED this post! What a lonely, yet beautiful drive for you! Really loved all the photos you shared with us..that "Shoe Tree" is priceless, and the cow/calf pair gave you some great photo ops too.

  4. Your photos take my breath away. I get lost in them. Thanks for sharin them with us.

  5. Wow! Talk about your wide open spaces! That sure is some beautiful scenery!! It would be a long drive and I would not want to get stranded out there for sure but the scenery sure isn't boring. Thanks for sharing these great pics. I like the colour of those cows. :) Have a great week! Blessings, Pamela

  6. What a great collection of landscapes. You have captured such a variety of skies, mountains and deserts. Thanks for the wonderful journey!


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