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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am Sure Going to Miss These Little Friends~

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird perches to rest and then makes another wing beating trip to one of our sugar water feeders, as others try to grab his territory.
This is a rough time, as they have these little wars all day long, every day now, until they fly south.
The little Skipper Butterfly was on the last of the Cone Flowers at my next door neighbor's garden, along with a Yellow Tiger Swallowtail. Summer's blooms are just about all spent in the gardens on and surrounding Tingsgrove. I shall miss the activity, and yet await the calm of Autumn's presence.
Many have sent me e-mails and messages asking about my health issues.
What I can tell you is that from the beginning, I did not think that this was about my heart, but the Cardiologist was not so certain.
After 2 and a 1/2 months, I think that she now feels the same way, other than the fact that I have several SVT's back to back every day, which can be either left alone, or I can take Beta Blockers.
In the meantime, my Internist and Cardiologist conversed last Thursday and more testing was ordered up.
This morning, I had gone to the Pharmacy to pick up a new script, when in front of the Pharmacist and 3 employees, I went into an event, and it lasted nearly 2 minutes. It was a good thing because the very kind Pharmacist immediately sat me down, and he checked my blood pressure and pulse every five minutes for 25 minutes. I went really pale and then broke out in a sweat and felt very weak, and nauseated all day. My normally very low and excellent blood pressure had gone up 29 points from normal and the lower number had increased about 15 points higher than normal. My blood pressure and pulse continued to drop to the norm after 25 minutes.
I am feeling better yet still have no peace, for when these events take place, they are most frightening.

We are getting ready to go on much needed journey and shall be away from September 16, thru October 2. I will try my best to post a few images in drafts before we leave as well as while we are away, and also try to keep up with what you post.
I feel so badly, that this year has made it to where it is more difficult for me to do this and I shall continue to try to do my best, for you all bring so much joy my way.

Thank you always so much for your kindness sent my way, each one of you are so very special, and I am grateful for your friendship~

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  1. gorgeous, breathtaking, & lovely views. such great work.

    i've asked most other blogs i read if they had to get more photo blogger storage? have you had to do so? thanks. (:

  2. your little hummers and skippers are very cute.

    sorry you are still having these episodes without resolution. i am hoping your trip will go okay, without worry.

  3. Beautiful hummingbird shots! The moths and butterflies are gorgeous, too! I hope they finally pinpoint what's ailing you so you can attempt to get it under control. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Hi Mary. What a FABoulous series of images and I love the header.

    I'm sorry I haven't been around recently but the good news is that Dad might be coming home in the very near future.

    I sincerely hope that your forthcoming journey provide you with the peace and relaxation that you deserve.

    Hugs from me & Anita.

  5. Your hummers are a delight but although they will go away, they will return next year.
    I am so sorry to hear that health-wise, all is not well with you.
    I am slowly recovering from the physical and mental stress I was under for so very long.

    Have a wonderful fall journey, wish I could go with you . . .

  6. I love your little hummers, they're just so sweet, and your coneflower butterfly photos are amazing! I hope that your health issue is resolved as best as possible. It's difficult not to know what's going on...

  7. Mary your photos are inspiring to say the least. The Ruby-throated Hummer is beautiful but the shots of the Yellow Tiger Swallowtail are unbelievable! Thanks for sharing these with us and don't worry about posting anything or trying to "keep up" while you are away. Take care of yourself first. It is the most important thing you can do at this time. I hope your doctors can discover the problem and take care of it without too much testing.

  8. All your photos are beautiful and I always like seeing hummingbirds. Sorry about your health problems and I hope they can all be sorted out and that you will soon be feeling better.

  9. Wow, Mary! I love you hummer, butterflies and the cute skipper. Awesome photos. I do hope you feel better soon. And I wish you a safe and happy trip.

  10. I would have missed them also.
    So beautiful and colorful.

  11. They're a favorite of mine....we had a couple that stayed here all summer long, now they are in dire need of defending their territory as several more are showing up at their feeders!!!

    Beautiful images.

    Silent Silhouettes

  12. I will miss seeing those little hummers too.
    I hope that you get your health issues resolved soon. Have a safe and restful trip.

  13. An enjoyable look in your blog with so many nice pictures, Mary!

    I also hope that you soon are feeling better and I wish you a happy vacation with much joy!

    My best,

  14. The Swallowtail pictures are just remarkable and beautiful Mary, as too are the hummingbird shots. Sad to see them head south but I'm sure they will enjoy the warm climates there just as I would. So sorry to hear about your recent scare and perhaps a break and a rest is what's required for you to come back good and refreshed. All the best for now.

  15. Sensational post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  16. What a wonderful post, Mary! Have a lovely trip away!

  17. what wonderful shots.. I too love the hummers..thanks for stopping by my world.. have a great day!

  18. I always like the Hummers, but I really like your butterfly shots too.

  19. you have a nice assortment of friends. :)

  20. I hope you have a safe trip and that you do not suffer from any episodes while you are away. I hope you discover soon what's causing the problem.

    I love your hummingbird photos.

  21. Love your hummer and flutter shots. Beautiful. I hope you have a successful trip. Safe journeys.

  22. I do hope your helth improves and have a great holiday.


  23. Fabulous photos again! Sorry to hear about your continuing episodes. That has to be very troublesome for you. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  24. I have told you before Mary - you put so much dedication into your posts they are a privalage to read.... super super images

  25. Hummingbirds are beautiful, it is a long journey they must do. I'm sorry that you have not got the answer to your ailment, but, you will get it very soon, I promise. And, have a lovely holiday.

  26. Great shots, Mary. Those little hummingbirds are just sublime creatures! Best wishes with your health problems.

  27. Hi there - great post! Both the hummers and the butterflies.

    The mysteries of health can be such a strain - hope you find an answer soon.

    Sorry about tardy reply - I've been away from home.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


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