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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Very Difficult Few Days, but Moving Forward~


Just a quick note being placed at 12:15 AM on Monday, after having posted this last evening.  My entire navigation bar is missing from my blog!!!
  Has anyone else experienced this?
  I cannot get to anything, other than the edit at the bottom of my blog post.  
This is really upsetting for me, just happened, with no notification and no changes!!!

This past Thursday evening something happened, that no one ever wants to have happen!  Two men were tragically killed at my church.
They were attending a Homeowners Association meeting, that is held monthly in my Bible study class area. 
One of the landowners ( none of them are members of our church) became disgruntled because he was asked to change some things that were not in the homeowners agreement. A retired police officer happened to be there and was able to stop the evil one from doing any more harm to others and was taken into custody. 
This morning, we had a special prayer service for the victims, their families, and the community represented by the Homeowners Association.
How very, very heartbreaking this has been! 
 I would like to ask that if you will to please pray for my family away from home of Springdale Community Church, as our people continue to reach out to minister to the community following the tragic events which took place on those hallowed grounds this week.
Please lift up especially our lead pastor, Jason, and other staff as they minister to help in the healing process.
Bless the families who lost loved ones, and whom are suffering, as well as the family of the perpetrator, for they too are innocent victims, and praises for those who were not injured. Thank you so much.
God bless each of you~
I am sharing Buckeye Butterflies, some of my lovely Italian Honey Bees and one cute Skipper in this Mosaic Monday entry, as well as a surprise at the very bottom...
Enjoy your week, and stay safe, love your loved ones well, for one just never they~

I am linking up with Mary for:
"Mosaic Monday"

One of my neighbors found an orphaned baby Gray Squirrel and I am hand raising it for a few days, until I can get it to another caretaker.  I would do the honors of raising it myself, but it needs to be with other like creatures and released with them. 
I am calling him Hermie for now~


  1. i am sorry, mary. i know the shock and trauma of such a needless tragedy takes its toll on all around it. the senselessness of it lingers, and the impact to the families is permanent. truly sad.

    i love the buckeye. and am glad you have hermie to tend to for a few days. helping someone/something else can work wonders when you feel at a loss. :)

  2. So sorry for this tragic event. I will think of you all in my prayers. your pictures are gorgeous! Love the butterfly and that squirrel is darling. Hope he makes it back into the wild.

  3. How terrible an ordeal at your church Mary, of course I'll include a prayer for your pastor and congregation.
    Awesome photos of the butterflies and a baby squirrel is as cute as a new kitten, isn't it?

  4. My husband and I will keep these families in our prayers. What a tragedy. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Take care, my friend!

  5. How very sad...

    Your photos are beautiful and little Hermie is too cute.

  6. I am sorry that people get so bent out of shape over a point of order and now two families are destroyed. Why does this happen so often these days.
    I had my first buckeye in the yard this summer. Lovely photos. Valerie

  7. How awful for the families, prayers send along. Have a wonderful week:)

  8. What a dreadfully sad turn of events. It's just so difficult to understand tragedy like that. I'll definitely be keeping your community in my prayers. Lovely photos to remind us all of the beauty in life as well.

  9. I am so sorry that this tragedy happened so close to home for you Mary. Frightening. I hope Nature and your church bring solace to all involved as well as to you.

    Your mosaic flowers and butterflies and bees are amazing -- and how lovely that you can help to save that darling little guy.

  10. As usual your photos are so beautiful and strikingly so! So very sorry to hear about the tragedy. There will be a lot of healing to take place in your community and church.

  11. I am so sorry to hear of your tragedy. I just can't comprehend actions like that. Your photos are stunningly beautiful!

  12. What a tragedy. Crazy out of control people just keep popping us all over the world.

    Your flowers, bees and butterflies are beautiful. My son had a baby squirrel like that which fell out of a tree he cut down. He bottle fed it and it eventually ran back to nature. xo Jenny

  13. Mary, I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. I will keep the families in my prayers. On the brighter side I loved your photos, the butterfly and flowers are gorgeous. Have a great week!

  14. What a needless loss of life,& to have happen in your church,saying prayers for you & your community.
    Your photos are amazing,I`ve never had a buckeye & I have sedum planted...,little Hermie came at a time when you need some distraction,hope he finds a home in the wild as he grows.phyllis

  15. How tragic - my thoughts and prayers are with all who suffered - so needless and sad.

    Your photos are an absolute joy and I can only use the word 'perfect' so sum them up. Simply stunning.

    Little Hermie is so sweet - thanks for sharing your heart-warming pictures of him.

  16. I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy, Mary. I pray that the families will sense God's peace and comfort during this hard time.

    Beautiful photos. God's creation can be so healing.

  17. So sorry for your tragedy. What a week! That cute little squirrel just melted my heart. Hope he makes it. The details you caught in that butterfly are amazing. Just beautiful.

  18. Oh Mary, such heartache in these words, and yet such joy in your photos. I will whisper a prayer to God for all who hurt. I hope Hermie heals your heart. His innocence is a welcome reminder that there is good. happy week to you Mary. {{{hug}}}

  19. so sorry to read about the tragic events. There is no more words that can be said, other than to pray for their families and your community.
    You have posted another host of beautiful images, the flowers and butterflies are delightful, and the squirrel - so cute!
    Take care, and I wish you peace this week.

  20. My goodness, your photos are so gorgeous, and all the different critters are beautiful.

    I see you have captured a few skippers too :-)


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