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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fresh Peaches and Horse Training~

Who does not adore peaches~

Even if you may not like fresh peaches, there is always peach salsa, peach ice cream and peach sorbets, then their is peach cobbler, pie, and upside down peach cake, peach preserves, even peach wines and daiquiris, among the thousands of offerings this delicious fruit holds.
The stars of the show all begin with tree ripened fresh peaches.
Many states here grow them, including Kentucky, and Brays Orchard is just about a 30 minute drive from our home and the other day, I made my way there.
I ended up not making a purchase though, as I found many of the peaches either too ripe, or they just looked sun baked. 
Many fallen peaches lay rotting at the base of trees. 
I asked one of the managers if I could just roam around a bit and take a few photographs and she obliged me with a hearty yes... sure~


Much of the fruit looked like the peach above, just too far gone to pick, and I am really not sure why, or what was going on. 
Many of the trees in a nearby orchard...see the fully loaded tree images... looked especially beautiful, compared to the fruit on the trees at Bray's, only a mile, or less down the road.

En route, I passed by Foxhollow Farm where 2 young trainers were giving a workout to 2 of the farms Icelandic Horses. 
They have invited me to join them at the barns for a photography session, which I plan to do one day this week~

Farm grasses glistened in the early sunlight, with the morning dew still upon them.
Hoping each of you have a Happy Monday, and a Happy and safe week.
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  1. look at those gorgeous icelandic horses! cannot wait to see more of them!

    your grasses in the light are beautiful, too. sorry the peaches were going to waste. maybe the excessive heat you've had?

  2. Wonderful post, and your photography is stellar!!

  3. The peaches look delicious and the horse is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photos, Mary! I hope you get to go back to the farm for the photo shoot. That sounds like fun!

  5. What a great mosaic! I love peaches!
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. Your photos of the peaches were lovely - had me wishing for a warm-from-the-tree peach!

  7. Gorgeous post. I too love peaches. It is all about the 'hazy, lazy days of summer' , gorging yourself of fresh, ripe peaches.

  8. Oops, sorry about the mixup of z and y, I had my computer language set to German.

  9. Peaches, they are tremendous, yum. And, get back to the farm, start of photos.

  10. A lovely idea to take photographs in a peach orchard Mary - only you could think of that. The peaches look fine from where I am and I could just eat a number of them for breakfast right now, although to be picky I do prefer Nectarines if you could send me a box of those? Great mosaics again and i look forward to more horse pics soon. Have a great week.

  11. Nothing tastier than a peach right off the tree. I think the best peach I have ever had was one I ate in Kentucky. :))

  12. Those peaches look so tasty, but I really don't think peaches today are as juicy and tasty as they used to be when we were kids!
    A lovely set of photographs and wonderful glimpse at the countryside you live in - how lucky you are!

  13. Great photos! Nothing like fresh peaches.

  14. Your peaces look delicious!!
    Your horse is lovely!

  15. Those peaches look absolutely delicious Mary! Love the grasses at the end, glistening and glowing in the sunlight!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  16. Yes the peaches look over ripe but probably right for preserving or canning. I love them but they would soon ruin if not preserved. Your photography is outstanding. The peach and the stem with the little knobs are so distinct. Great job. Hope things are going well for you.

  17. Peaches have never looked better - ripe, juicy and unblemished. I always enjoy your photography.

  18. Those peaches are so nice! Great serie Mary ;)

  19. Beautiful photos, Mary. I love peaches and it's so sad that so many of them go to waste. Have a wonderful week.

  20. Peaches fresh from the tree - oh the aroma, the taste, the colour! glorious. Makes me think of summer. And a lovely collection of horse riding lesson pics - and those paddock grasses - what glorious light! Always wonderful to drop by and catch up with you. Have a wonderful week.

  21. I most certainly DO adore peaches - I eat them most days in summer. I also love their colour.

  22. Just peachy, Mary! (I couldn't resist.) Those are really gorgeous shots.


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