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Sunday, June 3, 2012

June... My Favorite Month of the Year~


Some of the flowers in my garden these past several days, as well as some from down, and across the lane.
The flowers above are my Hardy Geraniums in Johnson's Blue.
Since I have not been feeling as energetic, as I usually do, I have been keeping a very low profile, making my way only to the Red-Shouldered Hawk nest site a few times a day, and as I come and go, I stop to smell the posies and grab a few images too...all free, just for the snapping of the camera...I like that~

I have always desired to have blue Hydrangeas, and even though I get the acidic thingy done properly, I still end up with mostly pink, that was until this year...finally...yeah~

OK Mona, if you see this post by any chance, here are some that I took in your garden the other day. 
Mona has some wonderful poises and I always like to see what is in bloom. 
I think that her Iris's look nice with my Geraniums~

I was over at my friend Teressa's home several years ago and fell in love with her Hardy Geraniums and off I went and ordered bunches and most of them come up each spring, much to my delight~

Crown Vetch...Oh my, only get this, if nothing else will grow. 
I saw it growing along the Interstate many years ago and thought to myself, I need some of that.  We did not know however, that it is very invasive and it thrives so well, that even Round Up will hardly kill it to the roots.  
We purchased 16 plants and it took me years, to kill out the last little root. 
If you have a large pasture, field, or such, they do look lovely, but not for me...
no thank you~

I am not sure what the above flower is, but I have just the one growing along my deer path~

Above is a lovely wildflower called Downy Wood Mint, which draws the bees and butterflies every spring~

Well...I never knew, and Mona just told me last evening, that she was thinking that the flowers shown above and below are Milkweed, and she is so right. 
I have planted seeds and I never get any to grow, believe it, or not. 
Monarch Butterflies need these wildflowers for their different stages of life cycle. 
I was not certain, that I had ever seen the flowers before, only the silky seed pods in the autumn, and I have photograhed these flowers many times, and only now, know what they are~

Lavender, my favorite flower, my favorite fragrance, and my favorite tea. 
Very difficult for me to grow, because of so little sun, and yet I adore my wee, small patch~

I always find beauty in spent flowers as well, as those just beginning to show their colours.  These Peonies are still lovely to me~

The above Mosaic was done by Mary at the Little Red House.
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  1. i like your hardy geraniums! the remind me of the evening primroses we have here in pink. we have a form of that vetch here, too, and it is very invasive.

  2. Soo many awesome colors in there, love it! I think i can smell them from here! :)

  3. Gorgeous flowers and wonderful shots!

  4. Beautiful photos Mary, but, I do love number 1 and 4, they are special.

  5. All such beautiful shots. I love the Hydrangeas. I used to see them all over Atlanta. I never have seen them here in central Florida. I miss them!

  6. Just georgeous photos as usual Mary.I am just so impressed by how you marry all the pictures together with the combinations of shapes and colours. I hope you feel much better this week - keep smiling and keep snapping those pictures.

  7. A most glorious post filled with stunning photographs and wonderful narrative! I really love the hydrangeas but all of the blooms are so very lovely. Gorgeous colors featured in this magical post.

  8. I love your pretty flowers and you've even included some lavender! I think June is my most favorite month of the year, too! I always say I love summer best!

  9. Hi there - great set of flowers.

    Even when you see emus in the wild they don’t do much other than "standing, or walking about"!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  10. I've always admire crown vetch, but would never plant it as I know how it spreads...

    Beautiful captures, Mary. You have some very lovely flowers. :)

  11. Mary, your flowers are all gorgeous. Some of my favorite colors too. beautiful images.

  12. I am a little hydrangea happy myself right now! The pictures of the Iris's are just gorgeous!

  13. I can see why June is your favorite month! The geraniums are gorgeous -- love the color. Everything is so colorful.

  14. Beautiful images and mosaics. I have Milkweed in my post this week too. Butterflies love Milkweed.

  15. Thank you for the warning about crown vetch. Having nearly done my back in ripping out lily of the valley, I don't want any more invasive plants. Such a lot of lovely lavender didn't overwinter so I'm enjoying seeing even your little bit of it.

  16. I appreciate blossoms that are past their 'best before' stage too.
    I know that blue hydrangeas are popular, but I like the pink and mauve best of all.

  17. Wonderful and colourful mosaics. The photos of the withered peony is very interesting. And I love the color of the iros. Have never seen such colour here. Have a fine week.

  18. gorgeous flowers to brighten up my dull wet and wild windy day here. We have been without power all day and it has only just come on - so it was a delight to be brightened by your beautiful flowers. Thank you and have a wonderful week.

  19. Your iris is very lovely!! Beautiful, deep color that catches the eye! Wishing you well! Cathy

  20. A wonderful collection of beautiful flower photos, but for me the stunner has to be the Peony past it's best - how beautiful is that, and who would have thought to photograph a flower at that stage of it's life - it really is exquisitely beautiful.

  21. Beautiful Mary, yes just take your time til you are sure of what is going on. It took me several years to get my one blue bush and my one pink bush of hydrangea to show both colors. My header shows the blooms from one bush. They will increase in the mixed color each year.

  22. I like all of the cool blues and lavenders in these photos. You have quite a grouping of wonderful mosaics, and solo shots.


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