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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Season Nearly Complete, & All Is Well~

I will go ahead and let you all in on a little secret, but first, let me explain;')

Today, we had heavy duty storms and showers, which took out our electrical power the entire day. 
The first truck that came to fix the problem, blew 4 fuses, which sounded like dynamite exploding.  The gentleman could not find the problem, and called in 3 more trucks and while they were searching for the problem that had put several houses in the dark, they blew 2 more fuses;'(
Whatever was wrong was finally resolved and the power came back on about 4:15 this afternoon. 
That being said, all of the work I was going to do toward my blog today, must wait until Thursday. 
I won't post the images for the Red-shouldered Hawk chicks again, until next Tuesday.  I hope that you all are not getting bored with them, for this is the reason behind my blog and I await this 12 weeks every year and this has been a very successful season.  None of the young ones have even tumbled!
Now for the images until next week, but here is the scoop, you are hearing it now, for the first time...

All 3 young ones have fledged!!!

It was not all glowing, but it has all turned out as well as it could have as of this evening.  I shall share the images and the story next week, but I could not wait to share that they are thriving, having some struggles, yet this will make each of them stronger~

The oldest chick, a female is in the middle and she flew on Saturday~

The middle chick shows off for baby brother in the images above.  He fledged yesterday afternoon and I do not know if the youngest actually fledged, or was blown from the nest last evening, or early morning, but it is doing fine now~

Above is the youngest of the 3~
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  1. Really nice to see those litlle guy! I never get bored of them ;) We also had pretty bad storm's here today:)

  2. how very cool! i know you are relieved and happy! we're going to start calling you the grandmother of hawks. :)

  3. This is such good news about the 3 young hawks fledging! I hope they continue to do well as they mature.

    PS: Your Memorial Day tribute was beautiful!

  4. You are so lucky that they chose to nest near you,thank-you so much for sharing your beautiful photos.The little ones are so cute.
    I keep watching my stick nest,but so far,nothing.Maybe it was an owls nest,who knows?Anyhow,thanks!phyllis

  5. Great photos of all the young hawks. You had quite a day with all the power outages!

  6. SO happy to hear they all fledged :) Great news. I love all the photos, so sweet !

  7. Great news about the little ones! Although, they're not so little anymore. Hope to see all three leave the nest!

  8. That's really cool!!!Can't wait for your next post...Lovely images as usual.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


  9. Great shots of the beautiful chicks Mary.

  10. Never bored with them!! Another great post. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Such lovely photos! Great story-telling, too. :)

    Continued good luck with your "hawking" adventures.

  12. I love your willingness to chronicle the life cycle of this species. I am sure it has far greater importance to those that study these things than merely for the enjoyment of fellow bloggers... hats off to you and your passion


  13. Good news about your little hawklings (is that a word?-- hawklets?). In my south Florida neighborhood we lost our only Bald Eagle chick, and last month the new eagle nest near our Illinois home broke apart in a thunderstorm and was abandoned.

  14. WOW! What an awesome experience to see the little hawks. Nice series!

  15. Power to the people! LOL
    Can't wait to see those chicks Mary!

  16. This is fantastic news Mary! I could never get tired of these posts; you are doing such good work; I love reading about them.

  17. Nice shots. Super cute chicks.

  18. Mary, you must be thrilled. Great captures of the chicks.

  19. Bad problems with the electrics, I suppose? The three that have fledged are going to start a new life, I wish I was there with you.

  20. Such good news Mary, three large chicks from such a big raptor is success indeed. you must be "chuffed" as we say here. Sorry to hear about your electrical problems and I didn't know you had such storms so late in the year. maybe thats becuase it has been hot and sunny? Must sign off now - have a great weekend and look in on my Hoopoes sometime you would like them.


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