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Friday, March 2, 2012

2 Small Groups Make Their Way Through Flood Waters~

Two small groups of White-tailed Deer were making their way through a wooded area that had become flooded this week, following heavy rains.  We have had some very dangerous weather around our region. In January 2 tornado watches turned into warnings and we had a touchdown as close as 16 miles from our home.  Then on Wednesday, more heavy rains and there were 11 tornadoes that touched down in Kentucky, alone, not including other states that were involved in this storm front.  Today the forecast is for even more severe and dire weather.  We have no basement and we live in a valley, which means no where to go, if a tornado ever hits our home.  If a tornado ever gets in this valley, it will do great damage before it devastates and moves out...  

My heart thoughts are for those whom have lost their homes and loved ones...
13 confirmed deaths following the storms from Wednesday.  My heart thoughts are also lifted for those living in flooding zones in Australia, which they showed on the tellie a bit ago,  stay safe~

Second small group moving away from flood waters~


  1. Beautiful!

    And I can see the light of spring in these pictures.
    A wonderful weekend to you,

  2. Oh my goodness, look at these. Hopefully you stay alright and safe.

  3. these are beautiful, mary. i do hope your area will be safe. i know so many others endured such damage and loss.

  4. Wow Mary the weather sure sounds rough for you at the moment - news that doesn't reach us here. Stay safe.

  5. Fantastic captures,wonderful fieldcraft.

  6. I have been listening and watching the weather for over 2 hours. Hope you folks are okay. It is just getting to us in Nelson Co. Gonna turn my electric off.

  7. Some top notch images there, its nice to see that you captured the natural behavior of the animal.
    I hope you can follow along with my photoblog.

  8. Those White tailed Deer are beautiful, but, the flooded areas, that's not good. And, I am agreeing with you on Australia, terrible.

  9. The shocking pictures and news from your part of the world finally got an airing on UK Sky tv today - all three minutes of it. Looks really bad and i hope you and your family and friends stay safe Mary.

  10. SUBLIME, SUBLIME i love these wonderful creatures.....sooo elegant and sweet!!!!!

    The imagine with the splashing waters; the deer which passes the river so elegantly; extremely gorgeous, cara Mary!!

    Stay safe and take care!
    ciao ciao elvira


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