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Saturday, February 4, 2012

All of Nature is Thinking Spring Has Arrived~

I have been keeping a very low profile for a good ten days now, making very little effort toward anything other than resting.  I have had a lingering cold and my cough has just about worn me out!  I did go to the physician this past week and had some good news to share about my Thyroid condition...the multiple nodules on my Thyroid are kind of a good thing, that if there was only a single large one, he would be more concerned. He noted that there is also a small cyst, but not to worry...he will keep watch on size of those over coming months/years. He had blood drawn to check on Thyroid functioning and that is about it.  Also this past week, I visited the Neurosurgeon and I have been assigned to go for physical therapy twice a week for a month to help in my neck pain and all seems to be improving, slowly yet surely!

This Red-shouldered Hawk was hunting about a mile from our home and I am thinking because of the size, it was probably a female.  I have heard this pair, and our own pair making lots more noise lately.  We have had hardly any winter so far, high in upper fifties and sixties, so all of nature thinks spring has arrived...may be hard on any songbird babies born in coming days and weeks, for many have been busy nest building and mating already~


  1. Gorgeous shots of the Red-Shouldered Hawks. Theirs colors are beautiful. Wonderful photos, have a great weekend!

  2. I am so glad that the thyroid problem seems to be resolving itself and that you are having some therapy for your neck.

    Nature and the seasons seem to be rather upside down this year all over the globe. We are getting autumn rains (most welcome) in the middle of sumer. Luckily the cherry harvest is over but, this being a grape-growing district, it is hitting the vineyards pretty hard with the early grapes just coming into harvest.

  3. Those images are beauties, another day, a great way to spend the day. I'm glad that you feel better now. You and I suffer from something, lol.

  4. Cracking shots of the hawk Mary. We have signs of spring too but also a little snow today. Hopefully the birds won't get too far on with nesting attempts before they realise there are a few more weeks to go until the real spring. So glad you are feeling a little better. Hey, sometimes my neck aches from too long with the binoculars over my head. LOL.

  5. she is beautiful. you know we share a love of these gorgeous red-shoulders. :)

    SO glad your health worries seem to be improving! i do hope the PT continues to help!!!

  6. I'm glad the doctor has been reassuring about the thyroid. A bad cough has been going around here, as well. So far I have avoided it.
    Nice images of the Red-shouldered hawk. I saw one on a post yesterday but didn't have my camera. I wasn't in a place where I could have safely pulled over, anyway so I guess it is just as well. Our raptor numbers are down this year, perhaps it is the lack of rain.

  7. I'm glad you have a doctor watching your thyroid and thank goodness physical therapy is helping your neck.

    Wonderful photos of the red shouldered hawk!

  8. Hi there - glad to hear that your health issues are moving in the right direction.

    I am always stunned by the amount of pictures you can get of birds of prey - I go for weeks (months really!) without a decent shot!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  9. Lovely images, the flight shot is particularly special.

  10. Mary, I'm so pleased to hear your good news. Grateful for God's good hand.
    Amazing that the birds are nest building already!


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