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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please, Don't Chop Down That Tree~

The first fifteen years that we lived here, we had a wonderful large wild Dogwood tree just behind our home. It had a hole in it that took care of many a litter of Gray Squirrel over those years and before, as well as assorted Woodpeckers and even Chipmunks.  Then a severe wind storm took just the top out of the tree, right above where the nest hole was and the Squirrels continued to use it a couple more years. 
The trunk of the tree became weakened and infested with insects and that was about 3 or 4 years ago. 
Every year, I have to beg Bill not to chop down the tree, just allow it to fall when it is ready.  The birds really love it. 
In this series of images you will see the wee little Carolina Wren taking some grubs from it, a Downy Woodpecker pecking on it, and a beautiful little White breasted Nuthatch.
I say, if it is safe to leave it, which it is, then allow it to be...afterall, we are not living in a beautiful well manicured park and I kind of like allowing nature to do it's thing, as long as our home, or us will not be harmed in the process. 

Just saying...;~)  Have a wonderful weekend and take blessed~

I mean really, can you just see how happy this Nuthatch is with this tree, or maybe it was that we were finally getting a bit of snow...but it is sort of smiling~


  1. O yes, let the tree alone, until it drops off, naturally. Beautiful images too.

  2. I'm with you Mary, as long as the tree is no personal danger, let it stand. We have left app the 60' and taller dead trees standing for bird habitat. Parrot nest in the holes and raptors perch on the tips of the dead branches. We have even designated the wood along our winter creek as the 'Wild Wood' where trees are left to fall and rot away as they will. Sometimes heap up the dead stems into a tepee or two to clear a path,but that is all. A few sheep graze there now and again but the wood belongs to the birds and reptiles that have their homes there.

    Lovely photos of your birdlife.

  3. oh absolutely! i hope it stays for a few years, yet! nature is still using it well!

    we have a huge locust tree in the front yard at the edge of the pond. the trunk has split, but has not completely rent yet. hopefully when it falls, it won't damage the fence line near it, but in the meantime, the sapsuckers and warblers still use it!

  4. Such beautiful pictures with the birds in the snow. Hopefully, you can keep the tree up a while longer. We just took down our old grapefruit tree and it broke my heart. We're going to replace it but it will take years for it to grow.

  5. ...I have kept our half-dead weeping willow tree protected too. The birds have always loved it, especially the woodpeckers. This year huge branches fell on their own, but we're still keeping the tree. Even if it falls from the base, it's not near anything. Save the dead trees! :-)

  6. I'm with you Mary, allow the course of things to naturally unfold. I love that last photo with the snow! but all are beautiful. I wasn't able to see any photos in your most recent post - the server cannot connect? at any rate, I'm certain they're lovely as always. wishing you a happy week ahead. take good care now.


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