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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Advent of Christmas is Upon Us~

The advent of Christmas is upon us and every year just before Thanksgiving week, I adorn the Christmas tree.  For many years we had live trees and then decided a few years ago to purchase this one and it has worked out fine.  I have to still have the fragrance of a live three though and so I have a bottle of Balsam Fir tree to spray on the tree before turning on the lights...shhh, but do not give me secret away~

When the children came along, I would gather them up every year to select a very favorite adornment.  Those were then packed away for them as they grew and then moved away from home.  It is so much fun seeing those adornments now on their own trees.  I have 2 on our tree that were given to me by my mother.  They have been around for a few decades now...shhh, another secret~

Please allow me to introduce to you my family. 
My oldest daughter is Hillary and she is to my right above.  Her husby is Andrew and they have twin boys that will turn 3 in March.  Their names are Cullen and Kerrick. 
Next to them, is my middle daughter Brittany and she is married to Dale.  They have two sons, eight year old Thomas and 3 year old Braden. 
My youngest daughter is Ashleigh and she is single. 
The black cat is 14 year old Spencer. 
The pup-cub is 4 year old Meaka. 
The blue-eyed cat was my beloved 9 year old Chloe' who died in August. 
Survhee kitten came along in our lives just a couple of weeks before Chloe' passed away.  
My husby Bill and I will have been married 43 years this month~

Hillary and Andrew both teach middle school in the county where we live.  Hillary teaches Language Arts and Creative Writing as well teaches at the college level, at IUS 2 evenings a week.  Andrew teaches Social Studies~

Brittany has just 4 more months before she has her RN degree.  She also works full time at the local prison system as an LPN.  Her husby Dale has his own small business.


Ashleigh is single.  She lives between Los Angeles and home and is in the film industry.  Pictured here with her is her best friend.... Jay Panther who is working hard toward his goal of competing in the next Winter Olympics.  Watch for him on YouTube~



  1. What a lovely family you have Mary. Three adorable daughters and four grandsons as well as the in-laws.
    A superb tree and beautiful traditional decorations. The little traditions we adhere to make life even more special by triggering memories of Christmases past as the years go by.
    When our daughter moved out, I shared our traditional decorations with her, when our house burned down, she shared her share with me so we both still have a few of the old treasures.

    Have a very happy holiday season with your wonderful family.

  2. It's no nice to meet your family Mary. you must be so proud of every single one of them and their achievements. I hope your troubles can turn out to be small ones.

  3. beautiful mosaics, as always, mary! thanks for introducing your family! the twins are so cute, but so are those two young boys in blue!

    i like how you use the word adornment instead of ornament. :)

    and i'm sorry about the loss of your beautiful cat, but glad you had a new member join your household before you lost her! :)

  4. You have a lovely family. Your tree looks very pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your wildlife photos are beautiful! Blessings, Pamela

  5. What a lovely blog post! Your mosaics are just beautiful. Thank you for visiting!

  6. You have so many wonderful pictures in this post! The kitties always catch my eye.
    Come back & visit, I'm having a give-away!


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