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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Urban Hunter, Hunting, Hunted and Captured~

Urban Hunter, Hunting and Hunted, Finally Captured~

Don't' you just love some of the titles that we give to our posts?

OK, let me explain mine.

Urban hunter, this gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk does not live out in the country, but in the big city of Louisville, KY. Yesterday while doing some shopping in town, I saw this beauty flying and landing at a couple of locations and then asked the husby to circle round the block, for I was just certain that it had to have landed in a tree.

We parked the car and Bill saw where it had perched before I had and he motioned me where to locate it. The hawk was perched on a tree branch that overhung the paved walking path.

I kept the camera in front of my face to avoid any eye contact. Bill judged me to be no more than 10 to 15 feet away from the hawk the whole time that I photographed it and it seemed undaunted by my presence and in fact after way too many images taken it got into a position that I recognized right away. The beauty was on the hunt and had spotted something.

It flew into a small patch of green and caught itself a little gray field mouse.

To my continued good fortune, it then flew back to the same tree and I was thrilled...

My friends have told me about these urban hunters before, yet I had never had the pleasure of viewing them.

Bill had actually parked his motorcycle under where one perched a few months back...can you imagine, he drove his motorcycle right underneath it, and it never budged.

Have a blessed week, always stay on the safe side, and be well~



  1. absolutely gorgeous! crystal clear shots!

  2. Wowee, they are monstrous pictures. They are without doubt, a winner.

  3. What an absolutely wonderful photo set of my favorite bird. There is a stretch of highway between Tulsa, OK, and Siloam Springs, AR. that is filled with these gorgeous birds this time of year. Thank you for sharing these captures, they are stunning indeed.

  4. Those are some superb close-up shots! I see a hawk occasionally here on our farm, but only from a far distance.

  5. Just superb shots Mary and didn't you have fun taking them? I think all these urban hunters get used to us humans and if we don't harm them they tolerate us if we only take photographs. Your husby is also very tolerant in being your chauffeur to all these places.

  6. What an interesting serie! Those close-up images are wonderfull, but i really like the action shot'S to :) Have a great week Mary ;)


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