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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Among Others, Final Question Mark~

I love the animation of Crows and Ravens.  We have the American Crows, while others are fortunate enough to also enjoy the Common, or not so common Ravens.  I love them both!

The images of the Question Mark Butterfly were taken on October 29th and it was probably to be the last sighting of any butterflies for this area for the season, as we will reach  32' temperature reading by morning.

I had a physician appointment on Monday, and had made a stop in the big city, when I caught the glimpse of these glorious colours of the sunrise...oh to be able to paint such watercolours, we would all be so rich. 

Have a beautiful ending to your week.  Stay safe, have some fun and always remember to share your world~

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  1. just beautiful! love the skies and those question mark shots are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful little butterfly, in England we call them the "Comma" or it was a bit like one. Anyway, they're brilliant.

  3. You have some great shots here, and in the next post!! I like that crow in movement in the first photo!

  4. Wow an amazing photos here. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Great serie, love the colors in the sky of #3 and #13. Always nice to stop by your blog ;)

  6. Beautiful colours in those silhouette tree shots.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  7. Lovely shots of the butterfly and birds as well as the sky.

  8. What a sunrise Mary!!! Love those purple tones, yep, wish I could achieve that with a brush.
    That butterfly is a real beauty and your shots definitely do it justice.

    The manual for my canon is 323pp long, my attention span does not equal to it's shortest side. Will I ever be able to assimilate it's contents??? I doubt it, I just point and shoot.

  9. Your sunrise thumbnail photo really caught my eye on the SkyWatch Friday page, so I followed it here to see more of it ~ and was delighted to get beautiful bonus crows and butterflies! What a glorious set of photos!

    That sunrise with its gorgeous colors really is amazing. And I just love bare-branched trees silhouetted against a dawn or dusk sky. So evocative!

  10. You captured a lovely sunrise Mary. I love the artistic way you alternate your pictures, me I just post them on in any old order but will try harder.


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