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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Milkweed, 1 Warbler and 4 Cute Little Men~

You have to admit this little Yellow-rumped Warbler, is pretty darn cute, but those 4 little boys at the bottom of the page...well what can I say?  They are my grandsons, Thomas, Braden, Cullen and Kerrick, and they are pretty darn cute too! 

Remember if you have Milkweed growing on your land, please do not kill it.  Transplant it if you can, for this is the main plant that the Monarch Butterflies must have in order to create new generations.  So many farmers/ranchers have eradicated these plants, and this makes for a demise in the Monarch population. 

After viewing the Monarchs once again in their migration flight in Iowa last month, I am once again reminded of their plight.  I am also wondering as many others how the parched, burned earth in Texas took it's toll on these beauties as they have been making their way into Mexico.  They need to stop for food/fuel and rest and this has to have made a huge mess for their long flight.

The world would never be the same without Monarchs~

Thomas on the right is 8 and Braden is 3~

Some say around here, that is you have a Hedge Apple under your bed, your couch, you shall not have spiders, which is thrilling in and of itself for me, since they frighten me;( 
While visiting out west, I took a giggle, for I had never seen them in a market before...selling for $.75 each, and they were way smaller than the ones we grow...ours must be worth lots then...;)  They must take the whole spider remedy seriously out west, for they are not even sold on town market squares here and we have tons of them.

Cullen is on the left and Kerrick on the right...they are 2  1/2~


  1. great shots of the warbler, the lovely spreading milkweed, and your cute little ones!

  2. love the warbler friend :) There was a huge flock in my parent's yard the other day but I can't upload pics to my computer right now (pretty annoying...). Great post!

  3. Great photos of the Warblers and also the other two legged little creatures, they look beautiful.

  4. Hi Mary, I'd heard about the plight of the Monarchs but didn't realise about the eradication of milkweed. When will we ever learn that the planet is so interdependent and that if we break one part of it problems will ensue? Love the Yellow rumped photos and those boys are almost as cute!

  5. Mary, the children are adorable!!! makes me smile deep inside.

    Milkweed and Monarchs: would give much to have them here; while in Montana, I rescued a milkweed seed pod and am going to scatter it on our hillside. If they grow, maybe they will come ;)


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