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Friday, September 2, 2011

Where Did You Come From...All Alone...~

The fifteen week old cat-kitten...Survhee Pipka, had to go to see the Vet and have her final round of kitten shots this morning, as well as have some of her temporary FAKE paw nail caps glued back on. I know, many do not approve of having cats de clawed, yet we do and we have them done when they are spayed at 5 months of age. We have had over 15 cats and many have lived into their teen years, and none have ever had a bad experience from being de clawed. Since Survhee is still a bit too young to get spayed, and de clawed, I have been having the Vet place Soft Paws, which are FAKE plastic caps over Survhee's own claws, which prevents her from climbing the house drapes.

I had dropped her off to have this done this morning and made a beeline over to Henry's Ark, to see what was happening. There it was...a lovely bird, one that I had most certainly never seen before, at least not in KY. I went to my "Field Guide to Birds of North America", and it shows that this beauty is pretty far from it's territory. In fact the book shows no data of it residing here at all. Could it be a lone migrating bird...I do not know, but I felt a rush getting to glimpse it and take a few fairly descent photographs of it, before I had to leave to go pick up the freshly manicured;) Survhee Pipka~

Have a great weekend and for those in the USA...Happy Labor Day weekend. Have fun, stay safe~

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From Jeff Bouton, who is affiliated with Wildbirds magazine, shared with me...

Hey Mary, aren't they awesome birds? Shorebird migrations begin early in July and then continue through the fall. We get numbers of these birds wintering here in Florida as an example. So this is a migrant passing through. Looks like there have been at least 5 reported to ebird over the past month:

Jeff Bouton

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 Their awesome to see well, I love the light play on the sunset/sunrise sillhouette shot!


  1. What a beauty, the Avocet is my favourite. And you, Mary, took out your camera, brilliant.

  2. You got some superb shots in some lovely light there Mary - what a find. Like you say it looks like a migrating bird but perhaps strange it wasn't with others of its kind. Have a great weekend.

  3. Excellent and very nice photos.


  4. Great pictures. I went looking for some the other day, but ran into moose instead. Haven't found any great grays yet, but still looking.

  5. Whow Mary, what a superb series of shots of this delightful species plus the gorgeous reflections.

  6. your photos are just gorgeous! :)


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