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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Beauty, My Favorite~

Nine years ago this past June, a momma cat was killed and left behind several little orphaned kittens. She had been a beautiful momma cat and it was a tragic end to her life, leaving these young ones behind. I was the manager at a little shoppe at the time and the kittens lived mostly under the protection of a garden gazebo. Eventually all of the kittens were captured and given to loving homes, except one kitten, that refused to be captured.

Fast forward to November 3 of that year and I had watched as another momma cat had just been killed by an automobile and she left behind four kittens. I borrowed a Have-a-heart trap to capture the kittens and give to a woman on a farm. I was only able to capture 3 of this litter and had taken the trap back to where I had borrowed it. I was busy working when one of the employees came in and said..." Mary, you got that kitten". I said there was no way, that once the 3 kittens were taken to the farmer's wife, the trap was entirely empty. She said..."No, you got the kitten from under the gazebo". I could not believe how fortunate a day that was, with weather turning cold and winter upon us. I said that if the kitten turned out to be a girl, she would be mine, and she was. I name this beauty Chloe' Laurel and she has remained pretty much feral in nature, since she had been alone out in the wilds for much longer than she should have been.

Chloe' has learned to trust and love me and I am the only person in 9 years that she allows to pet her. She has the most amazing blue eyes and her purr is as loud as a gentle motor boat. This past week, she became very ill, almost over night. She has developed Fatty Liver disease and also has Gall Bladder issues. I have spent a whole lot of money on her the past two days, and yet it would cost more than I can afford to get her the treatment that she so desperately needs. Three times a day I am giving her subcutaneous IV feedings, and also force feeding her, but alas, it seems that she is not responding. I should have left her at the hospital, but the cost was double what I already paid. We are never promised our favorites for any length of days, so we must love them very carefully every day that we are blessed to have them with us. I am not certain how this is all going to turn out, and yet miracles can still happen, and that is what it would take.

My prayer would be that she survives all of this and yet if she does not, that she would not suffer, but just fall gently to slumber in peace ~

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  1. What a beautiful friend you have cherished these last ten years and how wonderful that you gained her trust. She really is spectacularly beautiful like Marilyn Monroe was. I do hope you can enjoy each other for some while longer without her having to suffer.

    Bless you both.

  2. oh Mary. this is one of the most difficult of situations. I hope she's the recipient of a miracle and she survives this trauma. because she's so so beautiful. my thoughts are with you.

  3. Very nice cat and touching storie. Good luck ;)

  4. "We are never promised our favorites for any length of days, so we must love them very carefully every day that we are blessed to have them with us. Mary, your words are so wise and so true and applies to all those we love. I hope for a miracle.
    Warm hugs,

  5. What a touching story... I hope she will survive and for sure not suffer too much... Sorry if I did not answer your questions, I was just away. Normally the name of the species on my website should appear both in English and French, especially if you click on a picture, then the name should be there in English and French on the left-top bottom. Since you have problems, I also want to ask you if you see the menu bars on the right side of the firs page and on the blog page... THanks to let me know...

  6. My beautiful and sweet Chloe' Laurel left me this morning. She gave me so many smiles, so many warm hearted days while she has been with me and I imagine that I did as much for her. My heart aches and yet I also can say that I am thankful, so thankful that she became mine and that we had these years together. I shall miss her for always, and yet the sweet photographs and the memories shall see me through. Thank you very much for the very kind comments~ Mary

  7. My heart goes out to you, Mary! The beautiful memories of the years together will help you heal the loss and will stay with you forever.

    P.S.: I look through your latest posts, the images are all oh so beautiful!
    I hope you do get rain. We were lucky to have quite a bit (almost too much) the first weeks of August, nature can take the 100°F days quite well now).


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