Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Frogs and Toad Lilies~

These Green Frogs from across the lane are really very cool creatures. Another neighbor had these charming lilies growing in her garden and she is thinking that they are called Toad Lily, and they kind of looked quite pleasing along side the Green Frog.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend~

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  1. Oh, it is so beautiful, I would like to see one of those frogs. Superb.

  2. Photos are lovely, Mary, and that frog is exquisite with its slight color of green, also reflected in the background... beautiful.

    Hope it is cooling down in your neck of the woods. We hit 85 today for the first time this summer, not normal to at least be in the 90's this time of year. But we will take what we are given.

  3. Your green frogs are just priceless! Those lilies ring a little bell somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I just can't get to the little drawer that holds the information.

  4. Superb collection,amazing captures.

  5. Good thinking Mary, those frogs and flowers do complement each other - I love the green shades of the frog. Enjoy your Sunday too.

  6. I love learning the names of flowers. Toad Lily ~ perhaps because of its spots!
    It's a beautiful flower though ~
    Have a happy and sweet Sunday,


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