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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, July 30, 2011

On the Scene of a Newborn Alpaca~

Yesterday morning, I dropped off our new kitten at the Veterinarian's office. She was to have her spaying and front claw procedures, but we decided to wait a little longer, since some Veterinarians prefer to do it younger, others older.  My Vet thought that Survhee had already been through enough and that we should wait.  While I waited on her be taken care of, I took a little side journey, and I was so thankful that I will be too!

I visited once again the nearby Henry's Ark, a local petting Zoo. I had gone to try to get some better images of the male Wood Duck, which I never saw. You enter the area, walk through, turn around and come back with many varieties of animals to view and touch if you wish along the way. As I got to the end and turned around and began my exit walk, something on the ground to my right astonished me, actually took my breath away.

There in those few minutes a momma Alpaca had given birth to a young one. The newborn was in distress as it's front left leg was up over it's head and neck and it could not move. The momma Alpaca seemed to be pleading with me with her huge dark eyes. I went running for Penny, the farm manager to let her know what was going on. She said they never even knew the Alpaca was pregnant, even after having recently shearing her. Penny got into the pen and used a stick that was on the ground to lift the leg from off the neck and over the newborn's head. It just flopped right back over again. Once again, she moved the leg and this time it held to the ground.

It was one of those sweet special moments, one that I must say, I am thankful I was there at the time I was. It was early morn, before others had arrived, the young lady and gentleman had already made their feeding rounds and the high heat of the day...this little one would have succumbed and that makes it a bit of a miracle to me~

Interesting note...the manager whom I have known many years, or the young lady and gentleman that work on the farm, never even said thank you...kind of strange~

More photographs coming later ;)

 Is this precious, or what ;)

And then after the afterbirth had been presented the momma Alpaca laid down with her newborn and had a long bonding session~


  1. Aw, that is a wonderful life, new one to look at. The Alpaca makes a worthwhile mother.

  2. HI Mary...Wow what an experiences for you!Good thing you was there!!
    I can't image they didn't know she was pregnant...and no thank you???
    Poor little looks like it has a loving Mom and the photos are just faboulous and show that!! So precious indeed!
    Hope your new kitty works out great...

  3. Wow Mary, tremendous pictures and lovely story of the birth. What a shame that the owners didn't seem to have the same concerns as you for their animals. Maybe it's a case of for them it's "just a job" but for you its a life or death passion?

  4. Sometimes we are at the right place for the right reason, not necessarily to be thanked. Somehow I feel that by being part of this miracle you had thanks of a different kind. Wonderful photos!


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