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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is It Winter Time Yet?

Whew wee, it is hot, hot, hot. I have done hardly anything today, and yet I feel as though I have run a race. With sweltering heat...heat index today is supposed to top 112 and we set a high/low temp last week of 84', for the first time since 1936.

The young chipmunk had come down to the creek to get water and was heading up a tree for shade, when I got these sweet captures.

Yesterday I went to spend the day with two of our grandsons. En route, I watched a Killdeer doing what they do best, trying to do everything to make me not take notice of it's nest. I honestly was not even looking, but rather was taking a slow walk before heading out into the country where my daughter lives for the day.

The evening before, my next door neighbor had phoned me to say that one of her favorite White-tailed does was down in her yard. Sue has worked years to be able to get closer to these beauties. The one in the images is really gentle and has even brought her new fawn to visit in her yard now...hoping to get some nice photographs soon. My husby watched it in our yard Monday for a long time, but unfortunately I was at the market and missed it.

The kitten that fell into a rock pit now 21 days ago this day is doing very well and I am thinking now that she shall stay as a permanent resident. I went out to where she was found yesterday and it truly made me feel ill, what her litter mates had endured and then she too was about to have made, when found. In the walled cliff image...she fell, or was dropped from the highest point, near the road, and then landed in the darker pit area of the rocky creek below. She was so tiny, she would have never been able to climb out. Survhee is one blessed little kitten-cat;)


  1. Wow, that one is a beautiful Chipmunk, and the flying Killdeer. Oh, what about the deer?

  2. I'm not surprised you feel tired. 112° is very, very warm. Love that chipmunk!

  3. I love the strong colours and contrasts on the Chipmunk pictures Mary, nice one! I think all plover species are very vocally protective of their young and nests, even as you say you were only out for a walk, but they don't know that you would not harm them. Our Lapwings are just the same.

  4. you have just made my day with the photos of Survi!!! she's adorable and I'm so happy she was rescued. your blog is wonderful, I'm happy to have found you through SWF. I have a friend who is right now in Kentucky working with Appalachia Service Project, working on people's homes. I've been wondering is she was having to endure this heat and now I have my answer. I live in Wisconsin, next to Lake Michigan and it has been hotter than blazes this past week. 99 yesterday with a dewpoint of 83. it's been like the jungle here but today we've had less humidity. now we need some rain. I hope you have a joyful weekend Mary. Happy SWF!

  5. Because it's too hot many animals came our from where they are hiding. One of our barn cat almost died because he climb to the barrel where rain water is stocked but fell down, almost drowned ^_^ Thanks for sharing your photos it's beautiful!


  6. Beautiful post and your photos, too.



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