Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Series From Vacation Journey~

These last images are not so swell, yet they show a little more of the diversity of birds that we saw while on this past journey.  I must also say once again, these were all taken from the inside of the car, through the windscreen/windshield, and, or the side window, going at speeds from 60 to 75 mph.  Thus said, to have gotten anything is a good thing, I would expect~

Dark rufous morph Red-tailed Hawk~

Golden Eagles regularly sit along the Interstates...amazing~

2 Swainson's Hawks below~

Red-Tailed Hawk had just landed it's meal~

This Osprey crossed over our car and I captured this image just in the knick of time~

I have no idea what this bird was, some kind of hawk, larger than most falcons~

Another Golden Eagle~


  1. Che belle queste foto così "libere" !
    Buona girnata.

  2. Given the conditions you describe, the quality of your shots is astonishing.
    Love the hummingbirds on your other blog too!


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