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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Do They Have in Common...

One of the things that I enjoy with travel is the different birds that we get to meet along the way. In KY where we live, we have the Crow, but no Ravens and certainly no Magpies. I first met the Black-billed Magpies two years ago. It was quite a large and beautiful bird and everywhere I saw it, I would ask...what kind of bird is that? No one ever knew and they lived among them, kind of weird, but then not everyone enjoys birds, and could probably have cared less. I had to come back to KY and look them up in my fondest of bird books to ID them. Like the Raven, the Magpie is also in the Crow family. As for the Ravens, I had never seen them up close until this last journey and I found them to be entirely fascinating subjects, just delightful in every way~


  1. They are beautiful.. many people do not like them quite much, but I do.. They are funny to sit and watch.. And they are smart.. :)

  2. Mary,
    WE had a Raven fly over the yard once, heard the very distinct call. Your so right about the people not knowing the birds they see everyday. Amazing how out of touch with nature most of us are.

  3. Found your blog via others I view, enjoyed it immensely,some great images I will return to see more.

  4. Hi Mary. Over here the Magpie has a bit of a reputation as a villain, some welcome them into gardens but others don't although as you point out they are very attractive in their black and white outfits.

  5. Nice photos. Apparentely we have magpies but I have yet to see one. All the black birds are crows , I think. Ravens are larger and have a tuft on their head. If you want to see one, visit my site and see the post called Blue Jays, Crows and Ravens. Site is at

  6. Thanks for all of the comments.

    Gary, the birds photographed and included in this series are for certain Ravens. They were much larger than Crwos and if you want to match them up pretty well, you can visit the site that I just compared them to along with your suggestion at...

    Thank you though for giving me a challenge, yet I am 100% on this one~


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