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Friday, April 9, 2010

The hawks copulated several times on three different days, beginning March 31~

The pair of Red-Shouldered hawks have been quite busy this past two weeks, since their eggs failed to develop and nest fell away. They have chosen a very high nest sight this time. In fact within a week, I will probably have very little view of nest activities for a bit,as new leaf growth takes over my best views. Before I share the rest of the news, I would like to thank once again David and Judy for their willingness to allow me to have an Arborist place the nest back up into their tree. I have made such great friends through my care of this pair of hawks. I have been blessed once again by Ricardo and Marquisa whose backyard meets along the back with our own Tingsgrove. They are a delightful couple with three beautiful daughters, all interested in the life of these hawks. They have graciously allowed me to also place pending around the nest tree as well as any trees that have top branches touching the nest tree. Why do this, to keep Raccoons away...the worst destroyer of hawk eggs and chicks around here. The hawks copulated several times on three different days, beginning March 31. They worked all day Easter Sunday on nest as well as again today, reinforcing it. My guess is that there are 3 eggs once again. An interesting note is that yesterday the pair of hawks soared with most probably their offspring from last year as well as an additional Red-Shouldered hawk. Ricardo and Marquisa saw this, which in the past, I had only seen the parents and offspring soar together~


  1. That appears to be a good sturdy location for their nest. Hopefully they will be successful this time.

    Really awesome that you were able to capture shots of their mating.

  2. excellent action shots of the pair! I hope the nest is a success, look forward to more posts!

  3. Great captures on the hawks. Tomorrow morning I will head out to visit several sage grouse breeding areas called leks. Hopefully I will have some great pictures to share with you.

  4. These are really fantastic shots! :-) Super Photography!

    Pixellicious Photos

  5. This is stunning series of photos!

  6. Sumptuous Mary. How lucky you are to see this and get pictures... Nature is sometime well done and offers beautiful show like the one you witnessed

  7. Mary, you are amazing and to be commended in your concern and care of these birds. I love our wildlife and each day is so pleasurable with the opportunity to observe them and their behavior.

    Last December we had a Red-shouldered hawk here on the property but have not seen him again until last week when he was sitting atop a fir about 1 mile down the hill from us. I would love to find him but unlikely as the trees are dense and tall.

    Thank you for sharing what you do. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Diana

  8. You are getting some great records of breeding behaviour as well as great pics Mary. Love the ones against the blue sky. Phil

  9. Good news all around Mary and you are getting some super shots of their activities. FAB.


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