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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, March 26, 2010

She was not making any distress calls, she just perched there and stared at what had been just hours before her nest~

Some would say, it was just hawks, "why be upset". Others would say, "good, they only kill my songbirds". And still others would say, "I love them, they are such awesome creatures". I would be in the last group, and that is why for me this evening is so very heart breaking. It had been two weeks and one day since the laying of the first egg and the brooding had begun. Everything was going along smoothly and I was along with the property owners hopeful. I might add however, we were concerned with the base, or lack thereof of a good base for the nest the hawks had built. At 1:15, I took nearly 100 images and the only thing that I thought was a little odd was the cold temperature, a slight cold wind blowing while the sun shown bright, the hen was perched on a tree near by, but not on the nest. After a bit, she did go to the nest, and then almost instantly her mate brought her a meal and she flew to receive and finish it. She then flew back to her nest and she observed, she listened, she looked over what lay in her nest and seemed almost to ponder. She ruffled herself out, spun around and seemed to take a bit to settle down, yet she did finally and I left. At 3:00 my phone rang and right away I asked "what is wrong" and my friend said the nest had fallen. It was looming on a branch, and there were two eggs now broken on the ground. She had walked back to look and said there were no signs of developing chicks in the eggs. That it appeared only like a chicken's egg yolk would show and nothing more after 2 weeks. Did the hen throw the nest out along with the eggs, do they do that? Did the mild wind blow the nest out, we have had stronger winds this past two weeks. What had she heard, or not heard, what did she know by nature what was going on, or was it an accident... She was perched for a very long time looking forlornly at her empty nest, her eggs broken. She was not making any distress calls, she just perched there and stared at what had been just hours before her nest. Will she try again, will she abandon this site and choose now another, what will come of these my friends, where will they end up, has her life of giving life all but over, since I have followed her since 1996, what does it all mean, only time will tell. More writing and photo images will follow in next posting~

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  1. Mary, this is really a sad story and if one follows this series of post on this magnificent bird and mother, can feel his heart braking..
    Hopefully, the nest will be repaired or another will be built and life will continue to go on..
    Thanks for sharing.. Have a nice day... Costas


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