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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Their Scouting A Nest Site Has Begun~

This time of year brings me excitement as well as a little bit of anxiety. The Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove have been breeding, nesting and living on and just beyond Tingsgrove two acres for many years now. Since 1996, I have diligently followed our pair as best I could, making sure to respect their behavior, their feelings about being encroached upon by we humans. A few years ago, they had once again taken upon a nest just behind our home and I could have not been more thrilled. I watched them for days, doing what they do and taking photographs from the third floor window. All was going splendidly until one day when I decided that if I just barely opened a window, I could get a few shots without window glare, and then all of a sudden without warning, they flew at the window, both of them, the male from out of no where it seemed and just like that, they were gone and have not actually nested on our two acres in 3 years now and though they are near by, what a pleasure it would be to have them return... They have begun their scouting the area for a nest site already and even begun their wonderful yelling from our yard and just beyond. They have spent the past couple of days up in our trees, the male bringing the female meals, and I have stayed out of site, only listening to them yell and filled with the greatest of hope once again that just maybe... I have met so many good, long lasting friends because of this pair of hawks, and other species as well. Our wonderful neighbors allow me access to their property for hours and days on end and then I share my stories and photographs with them along the way. Here is hoping for a good turnout to this little story, that this year 2010 the Red-Shouldered hawks of Tingsgrove shall once again return. What a gift that would be, and if they do not, I shall always know where they are and shall simply have to trek about getting glimpses and photographs as best I can~


  1. I can feel the total enjoyment these birds bring you and that you share this with us. Thanks Mary.

  2. Wow they are so impressive, of course one will wait for them to settle again in the neighborhood!! Gosh this is promising for the coming months


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