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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

She had just taken another chipmunk to bring to her young ones~

In this fourth entry of using some of last season's Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove images, I wanted to share some of my favorites once again.  Many of these were missed the first postings.  In these you will see that the "basket chick" is thriving very well and stayed put in his basket.  The adult female was the only one that fed her chicks during this time.  The male brought meals to her several times a day, but she did most all of the feeding during this vital stage.  The young "nest chick" also did well, though with no comfort of leaves, or bedding which had fallen away days before.  The adult would bring little greenery and things, but once the madness of the feeding took place, once again the gift would fall away.  I hope that you are enjoying these catch up entries, for they are some of my very favorites from last year.  In these photos you will see the adult male second from the bottom and again fifth image from the bottom.  All other adult images are of the larger female.  In the top image, she had just taken another chipmunk to bring to her young ones~


  1. What a sequence again... Wow you got plenty of this nice pictures of them!!! I'd really love to witness this! I think I'm gonna say you were lucky to witness this and to get these nice pictures ;-)

  2. I love the look the chick is giving you in the saddle of the tree. It is one of bright eyed curiosity. How fun to have this going on so close to your house.

  3. Super series Mary. I can understand the joy you get from watching their progress. FAB.


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